He sat right across her and just looking at him made her feel sick to her stomach. As soon as she opened the door for him in the morning, he had scavenged through her body, undressing her with his eyes. She felt naked. … More UNHEARD


  You know those super flawless kisses in the movies when you’d see the earth rotate, the stars would come down, and the birds would hum a melody just to celebrate two people who cannot hold themselves till they get a room. Yeah that kind of kiss? That’s’ not the one I’m talking about. Big … More MY FIRST KISS!


“This woman, she calls at the worst time’. I didn’t pick. “Errmm… excuse me please I want to stop here”. “Stop where? I can’t pack here o, police dey this side”. “Police? Maybe they could help me “Please, let me come down abeg”. He finally stopped, I handed him his money. He looked at it … More GHANA-MUST-GO