.....Of course he’d say he’ll marry her, would he say no under this circumstance? Suddenly her senses came back, like one slapped back into reality what was she doing??? After keeping herself for twenty five years, this wasn’t going to happen, he had already removed her shirt. She stayed still and stopped responding to his …

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This was Sarah’s third relationship and she was determined to make it work. She couldn’t understand why all her other relationships didn’t work but this one had to. The last words her ex said to her was that "he's not the one she was looking for...what? I mean she knew it was not God’s plan …

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THIS CHRISTMAS- the present future

"And that was how I lost my kids" She was shaking in tears "If only I could take it all back If I didn't go back home My babies would still be alive". She squeezed her cloth Marie placed her hand gently on her back And stroked her. "There are some things that we'd never …

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THIS CHRISTMAS- the present

"I don't know what else to do or say to you, Why can't you just be normal"! You just put your face a certain way all day, all year! At least smile often to your kids, don't let them grow into thinking you're heartless. She softened her voice Angela turned to her mother-in-law who had …

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Mother’s cross – episode 6

'Peter....please, don't do this' Chuka begged Don't kill her, don't. 'Shut up! Shut up I won't go down like this' Shit! He pressed the gun to her head Lara was already in tears Vibrating, as she watched her daughter 'Pleaasee..Peter shoot me instead, Leave my daughter' She's so innocent, please. 'You tried to report me …

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Mother’s cross- episode 4

'It's Aunt Amarachi' 'Maybe she has news about dad and Michael' Sandra said as she hurried towards the door 'Hello girls!! Amarachi hugged Sandra , looking past her as she scanned the house 'Where is your sister'? 'She's in' 'Where's dad and mum'? 'Did you hear of the accident'? 'Sandra asked looking at her face as …

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