If you’re a writer then you already know the struggle of creating the kind of content that’ll get people to read your write-ups. Sometimes it’s frustrating when all you want to do is write your gems and have people read and enjoy it but appaz on social media these days nobody wants to be reading long stories and poetry without appealing to their eyes first.

Hi guys! Welcome back to the blog, today I’ll be talking about Apps that’ll help us create content that’ll keep our audience engaged.

So as I was saying, you can’t really blame them, because you do the same too hmmhn yes, when you see something unappealing to your eyes and creative mind half of the time you just scroll past it.

Social media is a very visual place, people engage based on what gets their attention. So this just means that if you’re going to put up any write up, your intro visual has to grab their attention. If you want me to talk explicitly on how to write in a way that grabs your audience’ attention. Please leave a comment below and I’ll get right to it.

For today, I’ll be sharing apps that will help make our visuals better and also make creating content easier as a writer. Let’s go!



If you haven’t heard about canva at all, then you’ve been missing out. This is THE app that’ll turn up the visual introduction of your pieces. It has templates where you can just edit and put your own words. Here are some of their templates and some of mine I got from them.

This is a flyer I designed using canva


This app is just a blessing because for so long I searched for an app that’ll allow me write on a blank white background where I use my choice of font, size, colours and most of all I can trademark my pieces. Nothing more dreadful than people reposting your work as theirs or anonymous lol.


I don’t use this that much but it definitely comes in handy especially for my Instagram stories, when I want to announce a new write-up . It’s actually like canva but more animated. This app definitely helps me create more aesthetically pleasing content.


This is your go to app to help curb any excesses when you’re writing. I know we’re all bad ass writers but no one is above mistake, so I have this to help me especially when I’m writing on the go and I’m likely to make grammatical errors.


This app works well for announcements. If you have a writer’s event or even a new blog post, any announcements generally. This app will help you catch your audience’ attention.


So that’s it guys, I hope this helps. I’ve missed this space and I’m glad I came back bearing a value adding content. Also please share in the comment section below the apps that help you create good content and help you write better so we can all learn.


Have an amazing rest of the week!



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