Hello my awesome readers!

In today’s post I’ll be sharing books on 5 aspects of life that I think will help achieve those different goals this year and keep you going in this crazy world. I did quite some research on this because I have actually only read a few, – they are the ones in italics. For aspects like business and even the creative aspect I had to seek help from those who have that as their niche.

IF YOU WANT ANY OF THESE BOOKS all you have to do is state which book you want in the comment section and drop your mail. I will send them at no cost. I am doing this because someone once helped my life sending my freebies like this, so i’m passing on this act.

Whichever book you choose will help you but you have to remember to be intentional about any change you want to see. That’s what I’ll be doing as well. For me reading helps us to stand on the shoulder of giants without having to necessarily make the mistakes they made. So let’s go!



The 9 steps to financial freedom- SUZE ORMAN

9 steps to financial freedom


  Rich dad, poor dad- ROBERT KIYOSAKI

rich dad, poor dad


Secrets of six figure women- BARBARA STANNING

six figure women




 Born a crime by TREVOR NOAH


    Americanah – CHIMAMANDA ADICHE



Stay with me – AYOBAMI ADEBAYO (has to  be bought)






The 7 habits of highly effective people – STEPHEN R COVEY

7 habits


        You are badass: how to stop doubting your greatness and living an awesome life & you                                are a badass at making money – JEN SINCERO

you are badass- making money

you are badass- stop doubting


           Battlefield of the mind- JOYCE MEYER

battle field of the mind




The greatest sales man in the world- OG MANDINO

the greatest salesman in the world


The E- myth- why most small business don’t work and what to do about                                                                it- Revisited BY MICHAEL GERBER

e- myth


Think and grow rich -NAPOLEON HILL

think and grow rich




The creative habit – TWYLA THARP

creative habit


Thinking fast and slow – DANIEL KAHNEMAN



The writing life- ANNIE DILLARD

the writing life




Crazy love overwhelmed by a relentless Jesus- FRANCIS CHAN

crazy love


                                            The believer’s authority – KENNETH HAGIN

the believers authority



named by god

so that’s it, i wanted to limit the number of books i put up because really it isn’t the number of books you read but the ones you apply. Do write out whichever you want in the comments coupled with your mail and i will deliver them to you. 



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