I remember that day very clearly, I had a big smile on my face as we placed my final luggage into the back of the car. My mum was to accompany me to my new school as my dad had an important meeting. Before we drove off, I remember seeing my brother with tears in his eyes and my father putting on a brave face as his little daughter was off to boarding school. I on the other hand couldn’t care less (okay maybe I cared) but I was finally happy to be away from home, no more washing plates! whoop! I had managed to convince them that I wanted to go to boarding school which was far far away from home. It was my lifelong dream as my parents would never have let me out of their sight.

The school was on the outskirts of Ibadan, it was a military school owned by the federal government so they had a lot of space, it was too big. After doing a couple of clearance, I was finally given a room. I said my goodbyes to my mum, who was really being emotional, again I wasn’t into the whole emotional thing, all that was on my mind was that I was free but freedom comes with responsibility, that i didn’t know.

I did a quick dance as I approached the hostel, the promise land.

On getting to my supposed room, it was nothing like I imagined. There was no ‘my room’, it was ‘our room’. The room was very large and divided into two, first half had 8 bunk beds; 4 on the right, 4 on the left, the same arrangement was also used for the other half of the room. I had one small locker to myself. What was going on, I thought to myself.

Then the bathroom??? Nothing to write home about, no one bathed there.  At this point i wanted my mummy. Every other fresher looked like they knew what to expect, I, on the other hand was lost- this promise land definitely had no milk and honey flowing in it, if you know what i mean.

I was still lost in thought when the seniors started trooping in and that began my boarding school life because what is boarding school without bullying seniors? Is that one boarding school? Thinking about it now, I suffered ohhh, chai!

I remember this one particular senior, she was very tall and bullied everyone so I avoided her like a plague. One day she finally caught me, I was about to go visit my friend in another hostel when she called me “hey you! Pushing her buckets my face,” go fetch me water. I was irritated and confused at the same time, the tap was just right outside why she couldn’t do it? “You didn’t hear me ba? Get the bucket. I took the bucket and went to the tap, turned it on obviously expecting water only for the tap to give a long burp- there was no water. I smiled, glad at heart that I wouldn’t have to carry any bucket of water,  I turned to return the bucket but was met with a pair of wicked looking eyes. “ehehn?, why do you think I gave you 3 buckets? There’s no water, you have to go outside.

see you guys, remember I said that the school was big? The distance to fetch water was like a mile, i nearly died, falling sick severally, this wasn’t what i wanted i just wanted to stop washing plates.



So in school there was this particular senior that all the boys liked, she was beautiful and all but she was mean, my God. The juniors feared her, senior terror that was her nickname…So senior terror was a big girl, had her squad of fine girls, she was kind of hefty, if she sat on you which was part of the way she punished juniors, you’ll actually deflate and flatten no jokes. She rarely went to eat at the dining hall especially on beans day, big girls don’t eat beans- it was a rule.

One day, on a Sunday, I was getting dressed to go for dinner- of which I was already running late, so I was in a hurry. On my way out, I ran into senior terror.” Oh sorry excuse me, I said as I made my way out of the place. Come here! She dragged me back with the collar of my house wear. Oh God, I murmured in my mind. She gave me her plate, “get me food”, and she walked away strutting.

Every one knew senior terror’s special plate and so when my friends saw me with it, they actually started to sympathize with me. As soon as I was done with my food which I rushed, I went over to the senior’s dinning to get senior terror’s dinner. On entering I realized I had made a wrong decision by waiting to eat first because all the food was gone. I placed my hands on my head, shivering from my anticipated whooping and punishment. Just as I was about to leave my eyes caught sight of the food prefect who was in the midst of his friends talking and laughing heartily. I had to get to him, if I was going to escape the brutal punishment that was coming for me.

I mustered up courage and began to walk towards them, my heart dropping with each step I took. I tapped him as I got there…senior chike (not real name). He turned to look at me and smiled, “yes, how may I help you? By this time his friends had stopped talking and they were all looking at me. This girl is cute oh, one murmured to the other, chike looked at them and shook his head. So what is it you need?  “Um, senior ify (not real name) asked me to get her dinner but all the food is finished”. There was a short pause and puzzled look on their faces before they all burst out laughing. Did I say something wrong? I was perplexed. When he had gotten a hold of himself, Chike said “so Ify dey chop beans? But she said she hates it, that girl ehnnn. They all laughed again.

That was when it dawned on me, i had ‘casted’ her. I was even more scared than before. I got the food and delivered it to her, she was obviously pleased as senior chike had added extra for me. If only she knew.

On Monday when I got back from class, I had barely dropped my bag when my roommates pulled me aside bombarding me with questions. What did you do? Senior ify came here screaming saying she will kill you. At that point abeg, I was ready for anything.

I wasn’t done undressing when senior terror came again. “Where is she!? Where is she! I will kill you today!. She came with dozens of iron hangers, ready to rip out my soul. I couldn’t move from where I was, I felt lightheaded and everything was actually spinning. Then she spotted me, I can swear there actual fumes coming from her ears, I died at each step she took towards me. Then the most amazing thing happened, all the seniors in my hostel came to my rescue. Some pulled her away while some surrounded me, I started crying (tears came just in time)…

At end she had to leave, apparently her crush was among those boys that night and they were all ready for her on Monday, mocking and laughing at her all through the day. I sort of became popular, the one who took down senior terror, heheee.


So my final tale, in this same suffer head JSS1 life, I had my first crush. It was a strange feeling, I had never liked anyone that way before. His seat was right in front of mine, I don’t know why I liked him then but this guy was just so neat and organised, isn’t that a weird reason to like someone? He was also very dramatic, he liked to perform for the class, make jokes and somehow still found a way to be calm.

I’m seriously laughing now. My feelings were so pure and I cherished our conversations which in reality never lasted more than 10 minutes because he was more interested in my friend (chai). Her seat was in front of his’ and he would always lean forward, talking to her for as long as there was no teacher in class. I couldn’t show that I liked him or I was jealous, I think that was when I perfected my acting skills but in my heart, e dey pain.

So the ‘Telemundo’ part of this story is that while I was busy with that, I didn’t notice that there was a guy who had been trying to get my attention. He really liked me and everyone knew except me, I didn’t see it, I didn’t see him,  in fact I brother zoned him. It wasn’t intentional I promise. It was a love triangle or quadrangle whichever…

That was my first heartbreak- funny enough all the heartbreaks I’ve ever had I was never in a relationship, isn’t that wonderful? lol

So the end of this story is that I left that school after my first year. I couldn’t die please, wasn’t it book they sent me to read? I wasn’t going to go back to fetching water and giving my lunch to someone else. Two years after I left, my crush came back into my life and this time he was the one who had the crush (the irony gets me every time). It was too late anyway, I already had my first boyfriend (this story hehee), but I won’t lie that I didn’t consider dating him while not necessary leaving my boyfriend ( don’t be judging now).  Y’all I’ve been ‘wilding’ since, I’m saved now though, you know. Let’s just pray he never reads this post!

I forgot to mention that the soldiers flogged with ‘koboko’ and they called us ‘bloody civilians’, don’t send your child to military school please, unnecessary suffer!



So this marks the end of my Junior high tales! i hope you enjoyed reading!

Thank you for stopping by, do leave a comment and tell me your Junior school experience. Were you bullied too? or did you have a crush like me???



  1. Telling a story is one thing, and telling it with so much confidence that it arrests the attention of your reader is another. I must confess, I enjoy reading your stories every time. This is a good one🙂. I honestly don’t like to be bullied in anyway whatsoever so as a day student, I took advantage of that status and challenged some of my seniors back then and honestly, I don’t regret it.


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