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She couldn’t believe he was here again, how could her father not get the hints she gave when she had told him that she wasn’t comfortable with his brother being around? “I’m busy Ada, you people are family, uncomfortable kwa? And that was the end of that discussion.

He sat right across her and just looking at him made her feel sick to her stomach. As soon as she opened the door for him in the morning, he had scavenged through her body, undressing her with his eyes. She felt naked.

The news was on and they were all discussing politics, she hated politics but her father made it mandatory for them to know the latest news, something about being able to tell your children the story…each person had their own opinion about the present government. Her father spoke next, “see it can never get better, this government has nothing to offer abi Festus what do you think”? He finally managed to remove his preying eyes from her and replied her dad.

“Brother, what more do you expect from someone who could barely produce his primary school certificate”. “But uncle, my brother Chris replied, wasn’t it his secondary school certificate and it’s not like the former government was any better, they’re all the same.

“What do you know? Uncle Festus retaliated, feeling attacked. How many government have you even experienced in this your life, how old are you again? 18? Common sit down, he shut him up as always with his demeaning statement and that intense igbo accent. Chris kept quiet, typical of him, he couldn’t fight back.

He was looking at her again, like some hungry wolf. Her father was too engrossed in the news to notice. She wanted to tell him that she hated him, he was disgusting and would never have his way with her. Would he try it again? Dad and Chris were both here, he wouldn’t dare.



The first time he tried to take advantage of her was a few months ago. No one was home, her dad had travelled and Chris had gone to football practice. He came asking for her father, but she knew damn well that her dad had told him he was travelling. He was already unzipping his trouser making his way to force himself when her brother returned because practice was cancelled. She was so terrified, she couldn’t speak, what if her brother hadn’t returned. She couldn’t even defend herself and Chris? He was too busy chatting and plugged into his earphones to notice anything. If only her mom were still alive, she would have opened up to her.


Her father’s phone rang for the second time. “Hello? Peters it’s weekend this better be important”. A long silence from her father as she hears the caller raving. “Just calm down, I’ll be right there”, he drops the call. Where are my car keys? Chris get my shoes? Ehhh Festus there’s an emergency at the office, maybe you should just come with me so…he cuts him “No, no there’s no need, I’ll just wait for you. Her senses were alert, why wasn’t he leaving?

As soon as dad left, chris entered his room and locked the door, jamming loud music while playing FIFA.

I should have followed dad, but he’d ask why. My life is in danger that’s why! She conversed with herself as she made her way back into the house. Immediately she entered the house, his hungry eyes followed her. She was going to go straight to her room, bolt the door and hide under her bed. She walked fast and slow at the same time trying not to alert him. She had almost left the room when he cleared his throat.

“Hmhnn, Your bottom has grown bigger this past year Ada, she froze and slowly turned to him, he licked his lip. Impulse- she ran and he ran after her. She entered her room and turned to lock the door, he burst it open.

Leave me alone! She screamed panting heavily, chris help me!  “Shhhhhhh, he placed his index finger on his lips. There’s no need to shout now, no one would hear you. She started to move back and he followed her. Please uncle don’t do this. “I can’t help it Ada, you’re beautiful and you’ve been driving me crazy for a year now”. She started sobbing, you’re like a father to me, please uncle festus. “
No…no…i’m not your father, I have real feelings for you.

She swallowed hard, her hands were behind her, trying to look for something she could hit him with- no luck.

“If you have feelings for me then…then you’d wait for me to give you myself. He laughed, what’s the fun in that eh? There would be no screaming, no tears, no struggle, that’ll be boring. I don’t like boring, you’re stubborn, and that’s why I like you.

What sort of a sick monster are you?

There was a rush of anger in his eyes, she had infuriated him. He rushed towards her. She stabbed him with her cutting comb, and made her way towards the door. “arrrgh! He groaned in pain. “Not so fast, you disrespectful bitch! He pulled her leg and she fell…chris! chriss!!! Who was she kidding? He’d never hear her.

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He threw her on the bed and started unzipping, exposing his dirty boxers. She tried to get up, he pushed her again. “I will teach you a lesson today, he said as he threw his pants.

No point, fighting now. She was choking in her tears, she shut her eyes tight as he forced his way through. It was the most horrible feeling, she wanted to die.  Then there was a cry of pain but it wasn’t hers, it was his. He fell to the ground, revealing her brother standing behind and holding a rod. He hit him again, and again and again, “you fucking psychopath!

She ran outside, weeping heavily. Chris came outside, “Why didn’t you call me?! Ada he… “What do you mean I didn’t call you?! she cut him. I screamed your name over and over again! I tried telling you but you never listen to me.


Their dad returned. Looking alarmed as he saw his daughter, Ada, oginni? Why do you have blood on your face?

She stood up and looked into his eyes in tears…




For the ones that were not heard.

It wasn’t your fault.


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