Hi loves!

Happy new month. It’s been quite some time, I knowwwwww. But I’m back now and thank you for sticking around, I truly feel blessed!



Now to the post, I travelled to Abeokuta, Ogun state last weekend. Prior to my visit the only thing I knew about Abeokuta was the famous Olumo rock and I didn’t expect much…but boy was I wrong. I travelled with my sister who came for work and my niece.



So we stayed at Green Legacy Resort and throughout my stay here I didn’t leave…why is that right? what’s the fun in that?? I didn’t because I didn’t need to. Guys this place had the total package and my indoor self was very happy.




We travelled on Thursday and the journey was about 1hr 45mins from lagos, it was a quick one. The resort is actually owned by a former GCFR (general commander of the federal republic) of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo and I must say that he did good with the place.


On entering the reception the first major thing you see is that beautiful work of art above.


Every single space, the walkway, corridor, lounge spar, lounge everything spoke Nigerian culture in such an aesthetically pleasing way, almost a mini museum.



This trip was actually a team bonding exercise for my sister & her colleagues but I took it as a chance to finally visit Abeokuta. So while they were ‘bonding’ with themselves I was bonding with the environment. : )


I said earlier that I didn’t have to leave the place at all and here’s why. The had a spa, a pool, a restaurant, a mini supermarket, a Zoo, a bar, A CINEMA( I was like whutt?). While I was there I finally saw ‘the skyscraper movie’ starring The Rock and I loved it! The type of action movie I like.




So our dinner was by 7pm and it was a buffet…with very savouring options.  As you all know (okay maybe you don’t) I am that person that eats but everything I have been eating for the past 3 years has gone ahead 10 years waiting for me. This just means I never get fatter, no matter what I try.



The funny thing is I ended up not visiting the famous olumo rock but this place had its own many rocks : ), so that counted a bit.



So yeah guysssss on Friday morning I realised I had left like half of my clothes back at home when I brought them out last minute for ironing…I definitely freaked out a bit, like what was I supposed to do?? But I quickly gained control of the situation as nothing is irreplaceable you know?


So here’s what I did and don’t judge me (covers face). I took a top I had worn the previous day and washed the important parts (like the armpits, the neck & the hem).

I had worn it for only a few hours the previous day before I changed in the evening (because in mind all my clothes were in the box). So anyway I styled the top in a different way. Another thing I did was raid my sister’s box, there’s only so much you can repeat right? I’m so thankful I didn’t go alone and she actually brought extra clothes and bonus points for me, they were new (now mine *grin).

In the end if I didn’t have these options I would have had to spend money to buy new outfits when my clothes were just hanging on the ironing board at home.


By Friday evening to Saturday morning my body was seriously pulling up a fight against the new environment so I missed the Friday night party and the zoo! Sighhh but thank God for a new friend I made who helped me with my pictures on Saturday morning before we travelled.



QUICK STORY: I had only known this new friend…her name is Zoey (who is from south Africa) for just two days and I learnt a lot from her. I noticed within the few hours of talking to her that she was everyone’s favourite person, she was easy to talk to and I saw that she related to everyone the same way but on a different level. What I mean is that people are different, different character etc, she knew that and she used that in communicating with them.


This skill is actually very important in life, especially work environment where you can’t afford to be taking things personal. While not being a people pleaser she effectively manages everyone regardless of who they were or how they act.


So that’s it guys! If you’re an indoor person like me and you want to experience the full package of this city, I’d recommend this place. (disclaimer: not an ad of the resort)


I’ll be doing a mini vlog soon, do follow me on Instagram @ ayoyinka_ to stay updated

Byeee, till my next post




I’d like to know, have you ever forgotten something very important in another state or country  before? How did you survive?? Bet you freaked out like I did.


  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading every bit of this and I’m adding Abeokuta especially the Green Legacy Resort to my travel list. Your pictures are really nice as well. Do you mind sharing what you used in taking them?

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