Hi guys! Welcome back to ze blog…

For some strange reason I’ve been wishing I paid more attention to my French classes in school. It sounds so cool knowing more than c’mon ca va?


Anyway I finally dragged myself to Tarkwa bay last week after postponing since last year and I can say it was quite an experience.

Sorry break in transmission lets accommodate my dear readers from other countries…it is only right for me to tell you that Tarkwa bay is a beach and one of the resorts located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Asides from the fact that i have a little water issue…actually it’s a big issue. I can’t even learn how to swim but I went on a boat, big step right???

Grateful I had my cousin and blogger friend yeychi’s hands to hold on too.






The journey was so hectic for me…first wrong thing I did was wear makeup. I was going for a really light one but ended up doing more.

Another not so favourable decision was going by public transport because in my mind cms was at my backyard…but who can escape Lagos traffic though?




We took the cms route but there’s also a route from Bonny camp…if you’re planning to go soon you can find the price details on yeychi’s blog




I chose to go there on a weekday because I’m a bit shy and didn’t want a lot of people there like on weekends, which worked out just fine as there were only a few people. So if you’re shy like me you know when to go😊




I needed this day off of many things and it sort of marked my last holiday holiday before I start My holiday work you gettit??😊




I spent this month resting, doing a lot of personal work and online work but I have to return to  my real life😭😭.

Even though a lot of my friends had started working I had to do what was best for me. It’s very very important to know your own journey and not go flying around doing what everyone else is doing. You feel me?






The total journey and “accommodation” that got the three of us from the shore to tarkwa bay and back cost us N3300 and the snack we got ourselves was about N1800…I think that was good enough.



Final tip: Take your snacks or food there instead of buying and don’t forget your sunscreen and of course sun shadesss to protect your eyes!




So till next time guys




when last did you visit the beach? Would it be your go to place to relax? Let me know in your comments.


  1. Visiting tarkwa bay was one of my greatest explorations💕💕💕 it’s the best beach I’ve ever being in lagos❤ a lovable place to be. Nice pictures btw❤💥


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