HOLLA! Welcome back to the blog and if this your first time here, I’m cheering you right now!…for real.

So it’s another story time…i’ve been giggling ever since this story came to my mind and I bet it’s not what you expected.

It was about four years ago, I went to church for an evening service and my parents had gone for a wedding outside of town leaving my younger brother alone in the house. That wasn’t a big deal because he was old enough.

On getting home, I met my uncle in front of my house just standing there. I was like…oookaay? As soon as I go to him,I asked why he was standing there.

He replied that he had been ringing the bell and knocking on the gate for almost an hour…

Ah…but my brother was inside. I was a bit crossed with him, was he watching tv and maybe put the volume at its loudest while he left our uncle outside

I knocked the loudest I could and rang the bell as well, called his phone like 15 times. For where…it rang out all through.

Then I got scared…this was unlike him. The gate was locked from inside so someone had to be inside.

Different thoughts started coming to mind…i tried pushing them away.

My uncle suggested we wait for my parents to return…wait what? When I wasn’t sure whether my brother was okay or not? Was he even in the house? What if someone had carried him away?

I legit started sweating…

I started thinking of what to do…and then I had a light bulb moment lol; I had an idea. I didn’t even speak to my uncle.

I dropped my bag and removed my shoes…I was going to jump the fence of my house…

My uncle didn’t expect it, I can still remember the shock on his face. He said “how are you going to do that…it’s too high, wait for your…

He didn’t finish his statement, I had jumped the fence. I don’t know how but I did it with a little bruise.

Immediately I got in, I ran inside the house and totally forgot my uncle outside.

Getting into the house, it was dark because nepa (no light). I heard my uncle call for me, so I went back to open the gate for him.

We both put on the light from our phones while searching…

And on getting to the living room

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… all loyal NOIR readers.

My brother was in the living room sleeping…no wait… you don’t understand like even with the way we rushed in…he was still sleeping! I was amazed… please what type of sleep is that?

I didn’t even know the reaction to give, I was relieved and mad at the same time. So the house was dark and the only source of light was from our phones. We were pointing the phone directly at him and then we woke him

Looooooool! He woke up with a fright as in he couldn’t see us because the light was in his eyes. As soon as he woke up, he started shouting (we shouldn’t have woken him like that though), we told him to calm down and be quiet. You won’t believe my brother held his lips tight with his hands.

My uncle and I busted into laughter…we turned the light to our faces and he was able to calm down a little. I think he thought we were robbers…

Almost immediately, my parents returned and we narrated the ordeal to them. Everyone ended up laughing about it.

I still got the scar from the bruise though…sigh

Yassss, so guys that’s what love made me do…maybe a little fear too. I jumped my house fence.

Do you think i was too dramatic?

I hope you had a fun time reading this…




Hi there…

I’d really like to know your own story too, what ridiculous thing did love make you do?

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6 thoughts on “WHAT LOVE MADE ME DO

  1. 😂😂😂😂Can’t imagine you jumping a fence yinks. Wow, Papa was very correct when he said we are good at it. 😂😂😂😂😂

    Well so Love yhhh. Love has made me do a Hell lot of crazy things, like a lot. Especially when it has to do with girls am crushing on 😌
    But let me talk about the love I have for my Family and How far I went for them one time.
    One evening, very late at night. My dad, I and my siblings were the only ones at home, my mom had travelled for something. later that night when every body had fallen asleep. My dad rushed into my room and woke me up from sleep that his having a Heart Ache.. that his chest is burning up😩…. I was like 😩😲😲.. We then dressed up immediately and ran to the nearest hospital. Brethren this was very late at night in a place where people are known to be kidnapped on a regs, and I was only 9yrs old. So I supported my dad and we ran to the hospital. When we got there, the nurse rushed him immediately. So after sometime he was stable. Thank God. when he woke up he gave me a list of things to go bring for him from the house. My brothers and sisters I refused to go back alone because of my biggest fear. Our DOG 🐶. I said “daddy I can’t not go, Rambo(dogs name) will bite me”😢. He said I should be stroong and my siblings need me. So out of Love I walked home. When I finally got to our gate, I looked at it for over 30mins, until I eventually got it in. As I entered into as crying 😢.. I held my breath and began walking to the house door. I entered the I was and was like😥. I was like oshee baddest, me no scared of dog no more 😆. Collected everything my dad asked me to bring and went outside again and walked out like a big boy 💃💃💃.
    So LOVE for my dad and siblings made me conquer my fear for dogs.
    Hope you like the story..😈


  2. Thats a sign of true love for siblings. And your stunt on the fence…lool, permit me to say i was not surprised fear of posibilities hit you hard then again…military school sure did leave you with the traits. I am proud of you girl.
    Hope you still have those athletic speed😉


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