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Hiii guysss, glad to be back on ze blog after a month of exams.

I remember one of my first posts on here, I wrote on ’10 things that you probably didn’t know about me’ and I think the one thing I didn’t write is how much I hate travelling especially by road. I am so sceptical that I only trust my dad and my brother to drive me, unrealistic I know…

So there was this particular time I travelled, I was going to write an exam in another state, I was to travel from Ibadan to Ondo state. So my dad assigned a new driver to take me there which he rarely does. We drove a Toyota truck jeep ting I don’t know what they’re called but they were big enough to bully other cars on the road and to withstand pot holes (if you’re outside the country this is a norm on Nigerian roads, we getting better though, Amen).

So as usual I was alert because I didn’t how well the man drove, he was warned beforehand not to over speed. We started the journey and like a joke he did the exact opposite of what he was told. He started to drive really fast, I don’t know if it was the size of the vehicle that made him that way, I have no idea.

I tried to be calm and I asked him to slow down a bit, he replied with something like the place was far and we needed to get there on time.

I tried to distract myself by chatting but that didn’t work as he kept swerving…hmm real life fast and furious.

Not too long after we left Ibadan right on the express way. This man was trying to overtake an SUV that was riding almost as fast as he was. Before I knew what was happening, a part of the truck caught the other car’s bumper and started dragging it. At that moment I could see the driver struggling to come to a halt, it happened so fast and I could hear screeching. Both cars finally came to a halt and we all came out.

The man’s car was seriously damaged and he wasn’t having it, he said we must wait to repair his car till it was brand new. At first I didn’t say anything, just watched the men go back and forth on what to do. The other men was fuming with anger, and he was definitely ready to make us stay there all day…who could blame him?

We followed him to the mechanic place, time was running out, my exam was by ten and it was already past eight. The journey was still quite a distance, i became very restless.

It looked as if the more the driver begged him, the more he got angry, so I joined in pleading. I know you must be thinking why I didn’t do it sooner. I said a short prayer in my heart and told him about my exam, lol…he was like so I’m the one that doesn’t have anything to do eh?!

Long story short God touched him and he let us go.

We finally got to the exam venue and I wrote the exam. On our way back you would expect this man to drive better…no brethren he was driving top speed at 130km/hr (I remember clearly) this was on a road with potholes, I actually thought I was going to die, he wasn’t listening to anything I was saying.

I just kept praying under my breadth, I managed to take a picture of the speedometer for proof.

We finally got home, but I wasn’t myself, I was shaking all over from fear…the fear I had of travelling before and the one the man added.

I showed the picture to my elder brother who was furious, I didn’t do it to make him lose his job or something but I feared for the life of the children he drives everyday (he drives the school bus for my dad’s school)

So (breathes out*) that is my scary story, I feel like this post was a bit too serious but I just thought to share. In the end OVERCOMING is the testimony and the lesson I’d like anyone reading this to take from here.

I still don’t like travelling but now I have a different approach. This is my mantra, I hold these words dear to my heart and I believe it with all of my being…

2TIMOTHY 1:7– For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind!

PSALM 91:10-11

There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling

For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways

Thanks for reading! Till next time



Have you ever had a scary travel experience whether by road or by air? Kindly Share with us in the comment

Kindly Share with us in the comment box below!


  1. 😯wow….. I would ve screamed if it were me.

    As for my scariest experience on road
    I have had many in life, but one I can remember vividly was when I was on my way to primary school one Blessed day. And that particular day my whole family was in attendance in the car. Our usual route to my primary school was toll gate, port harcourt but we decided to follow ibu echie road to cut traffic. Almost getting to the end of the road, we encountered a traffic jam. We all thought it was a normal traffic jam until we heard gun shots 🔫🔫🔫 firing everywhere. It was a showdown between the police and a set of armed robbers. Immediately my dad told us all to bend our heads to avoid the bullets.
    As a young boy I want to looked at my father to gain courage and reduce the fear I had. But as I turn to the driver’s seat my father had disappeared.
    Then I turned to my seat window and saw my father in the bush 😒😒Hiding..
    I was like 😐😯😦😢😟😒
    My fear and anger increased simultaneously.
    Well I was shocked as hell, and after the incident and my fear for armed robbers increased also. Lol
    So that’s my story… hope u loved it😈

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    1. Oh myyyyyy😢😢😢😢, that must have been hellla scaryy. Fear causes us to do unimaginable things. I hope you’re not as scared anymore. God gat you anytime, thank you for sharing kcee!!❤


  2. Omg!!! I can’t imagine lol. My scariest travel experience was on air. I was on an aero flight from Lagos to Port Harcourt with my dad and all of a sudden, the plane started shaking. It felt like the plane was going to fall. I was so scared. The attendants started explaining that one of their detectors wasn’t working and we would need to go back to Lagos meanwhile we were closer to Port Harcourt. Anyways, it was when we got to Lagos we found out that one of the plane’s engines stopped working while we were on air and instead of us going to Port Harcourt which was closer, they took us back to Lagos because they didn’t have engineers on standby in Port Harcourt. I was so horrified. They sha changed our plane and we landed safely in Port Harcourt. One dramatic woman even came down and said she wasn’t going again lol. They had to beg her to come back and give us a bigger plane.

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    1. Oh wowwww! You must have been terrified…sigh they didn’t even know what was wrong with the plane. I know right??there’s always a dramatic person in situations like this. Glad you were safe, thank you for sharing!!


  3. Hello Ayoyinka.
    I like that you share your stories.
    My worst travel experience was my most recent one. As we boarded the plane, we were told to switch off our phones. I was like okay, but then Airplane mode came to mind. I put it on airplane mode and left it in my hand luggage and put it in those over head cabins.
    The spokes person of the crew said saying switch of your phones but I was like “what is airplane mode for then”. We were about to take off and the captain said “airplane mode is not completely safe, switch off all mobile phones completely”. Then I started to worry a bit. My seat was by the window and coming out to disturb other people was not what I wanted to do, so I left it. As we took off, I started hearing a beeping noise. It was first slow, then started getting faster. I began to get scared and terrible thoughts of explosion came to mind. I started analyzing the worst things that could happen. The beeping got faster and I told God that I will never leave my phone on airplane mode again if nothing happens on the plane because of it. I was so scared. Nothing happened eventually, but I don’t think I’ll put myself through such anxiety anymore


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