Hi guys! So today i’d be doing a never have i ever post, that’s a list of things I have or never never done. It’s actually a game but since I’m making it a blog post, i’ll just put up random questions and pretend I’m taking a drink for each ‘NEVER EVER HAVE'(lol). So I hope this post makes you laugh, brightens your day and you get to know more about me

While typing this post i realized that i need a bucket list because there’s like a ton of things i haven’t done yet and i’d really like to do before i’m like you know…old.

So here goes





  •  BEEN ON AN HELICOPTER? NO but this is so on my bucket list!




  • SLEPT OFF IN A PUBLIC COMMUTER? – LOL mehn, I have but a friend was with me. so no worries




  • DATED MULTIPLE PEOPLE? NOO- It sounds like so much stress, i don’t have that kind of strength oh, lol.




  • CRIED IN PUBLIC? YES (covers face)-  when the first phone my dad bought me was stolen. It happened in secondary school. I cried like never before.




  • GOTTEN DRUNK?  NO my dears- the best I’ve done is a little red wine, which gave me headache and i never took it again (there’s a little story to this…should i tell it? hmmm…maybe at the end of the post.




  • STALKED SOMEONE ON SOCIAL MEDIA? YES-  (I mean common who hasn’t) But i’m usually only glued to someone who provides value through their content.





  • FALLEN IN LOVE? YES- I believe so, once. But someone once said that you shouldn’t fall in love because you can fall out of it…LOVE IS INTENTIONAL, what do you guys think?



  • SHAVED MY HEAD BALD? YES!- but it was just a section which is worse. I had some sort of reaction on my scalp and my mum shaved my hair off! about a week to my graduation from primary school. you don’t want to imagine the experience.



  • CAT-FISHED ANYONE? YES- i was trying to play detective…pretended to be someone else online. SMH at my self, i’ve done a lot.




  • GONE VEGAN? NO THANK YOU! –  I don’t see a life without beef lol…( i respect those who are though) 




  • FALLEN OFF A CHAIR? YES-  many times in my life and it’s always in public, *sign*




  • FELT MORE AMAZING THAN THIS YEAR? – no! I’m learning and I’m growing what could be better?


This is my face realizing that you’re done reading this post and you want to leave without dropping a comment.  But why??...

So yeah guys, i hoped you enjoyed it. Now about that story of red wine. I was going through a break up and…don’t judge me i was young and foolish.

Just wanted to try what i saw in movies, drown my tears in my sister’s expensive wine (i hope she doesn’t read this post). The irony is i wasn’t crying, i only felt bad.

Sha i drank it and my God, i had the worst headache. My sister told me it was the stress from my just concluded exam but only i knew what i had done, lol. NEVER DID THAT AGAIN. 




IF you can relate to at least one of my Never haves’ or haves’? Please comment below! and lets all have a good laugh or learn from your story!  You can also share this post with your friends


Thanks for reading! 

Till next time



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