Hi guys! (covers face) I’ve missed this space and I’ve missed you too!
Anyway today i’d be telling a story of a scar on my body and how a lot of people’s favorite snack almost got me killed…or maybe i almost let it.

i was about 8 years old and growing up my mum forbade myself and my siblings from taking sweets, sugar and anything thing that’s too sweet. But the 90’s children are very smart (lol) i still bought sweets and she didn’t find out.

WEARING SHORTS BY @ifeomawilliamscollection

One particular day during the holiday, my mum came back from work and as usual i went to greet her, ‘welcome’  (this is a Nigerian tradition, it shows respect).

she gave me a little bag to carry and we went into the kitchen. I was about to go into my room when she called me back, by this time my younger brother had also entered the kitchen.


Mama handed us a package and lo and behold she went against her no sugar rule and bought us ice cream…oh the joy! It wasn’t fruit or veggies. I sat right there and started to devour it.

As i was taking the ice cream, i saw my mum go upstairs to her room carrying another package , i got curious and thought it was ice cream. Hmmm…brethren this was the beginning of the end.


I followed her into the room and saw that she kept the package at the top section of her wardrobe. When she left the room, i started to climb the wardrobe. As i was climbing i did not notice that one of her silk clothing had shifted to the edge just right where i’d put my leg to climb to the third section.

And then…i stepped on the silk cloth on the second layer and i slipped! My chin hit the edge of the second layer and blood like I’ve never seen gushed out. i didn’t feel any pain at that moment.

Placing my hand on my chin to supposedly try to contain the blood. I went straight to the kitchen and called my mum. Immediately she saw me,she screamed! ‘Called my grandmother who refused to look at my blood.
My mum claimed to have been able to see the root of my teeth from under the chin, lol.


long story short, i was taken to the hospital kept under anesthetic and had a mini surgery (stitching).
The scar is still there right under my chin, a thin line to remind me never to be greedy, lol.
so that’s my story guys how ice cream almost got me killed…LOL. My family still makes jokes about it…



MORAL LESSON: less sugar is always good, be satisfied with what you’ve been given.



I’m sure you had some unforgettable childhood experience, please do share via the comment section, so we can all have a good laugh! And learn from it.

till next time




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  1. My Unforgettable Childhood Experience😑
    When I was about 8 years of age, I learnt a new skill from my classmates back then which was “THE ART OF ARCHERY” (local They thought me a simple method of making a bow and an arrow out of broomsticks and a rubber band.
    I went home with the pride of my newly acquired craftsmanship When I got home, I started making new sets of my ‘weapon’. I later thought and decided to try something new, which was making my arrow look more profeshuna😂. (It was at that moment..I didn’t know..I messed up😂). I got a razor blade and started sharpening my ‘arrow'(I didn’t really know how to use a razor blade then), I was so determined to be like hawk eye and green arrow that day. Out of over happiness(anything like that), I sharpened and then sliced my thumb😭, like half of the upper section of my thumb went away😧. The cut was so deep, like I literally saw my skin fly away with the broomstick. You can imagine the kind of blood that gushed from my thumb that day. As if it wasn’t over, that was the moment my mom came in. You know how a Nigerian mother can be😂, so lemme just say “the following scene contained graphic content😂”.

    That was my unforgettable childhood experience.


  2. Well my unforgettable childhood experience
    When I was younger I loved to climb. Trees, walls, anything, I just love climbing and as I was the eldest son my siblings also copied me in climbing habit.
    This was all fun until one day…😑. I decided to climb my dad’s V-boot(Mercedes-Benz)…. as I got to the top, I tried coming down from the wind screen, that’s how my ekebe(big bumbum) shattered the Wind screen 😢😢. …. Jesus….
    I knew I was finshed… V-boot that all the parts where expensive at that time.
    When my dad came back he said nothing at first, then he sent my sister to call me into his room… as I entered he gripped me and tied my hands and legs like goat 😢😢🐐🐐. … and brought out a long extension cord and finshed me.
    The next day I followed him to aba to repair it 😢….

    Can still remeber how long the cord was😢
    Dont play with your dad’s car 😢😢


    1. Dear Kcee, whyy??? i’m literally crying out of too much laughter…i thought i was the only stunt child. But…you mean your butt broke the wind screen…it is well,lol. Thank you for reading.


  3. I want to see the scar! 😭
    😀 Nice one noir belle —story, shorts, poses et shots— seems ice-cream wasn’t the major cause though; more like patent inquisitiveness (oyinbo for ojúkòkòrò) over mom’s extra package 🙃.
    Moral: Do not bleed when Grandma is around. 😁


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