“Midnight, in my school dorm”

Hiii guys, I’m here again to serve you all the juice you need in… (okay that sounded nicer in my head,lol) I’ve missed blogging and it’s only been a little over a week. 

It was a needed break because i just got back to school and I’ve been trying to get a hang of not being home and blogging whenever i want.

Another thing is; entering into the year, I wasn’t so satisfied with how I ended the year in terms of my goals. 

Even though I really like the course I’m studying in school which is Civil engineering by the way (for those that tried to guess on my Instagram, the guesses though, hmmm). I don’t want to be academically oriented alone but I want a balanced life.

For example one of my goals for last year was to collaborate with other bloggers but my shy/sceptic self got the best of me.

Another was to put out more personal stories because really I know a lot of my readers like it real.

Though i didn’t achieve all these things one thing I also didn’t do that I’m glad about is not beat my self up for it because I am my own worst critic!  Instead I wrote down all that i achieved and boy was i proud of my growth. For example I put out more content than the previous year.

Baby steps but hey making progress! Hopefully, prayerfully(yes it’s that deep,lol), diligently, this year would be much better and I’d end up giving myself a round of applause. 

So on this note if you’d like to collaborate with me as a blogger or as a brand. Kindly send me an email: Looking forward to working with you all.

Also i do content writing for different types of publications, you want a good content write up? I’m your girl

Are you a student blogger like myself or do you work or have worked along side doing something that needs time investment? 

What would your advice be in keeping a balanced life? Please do share in the comment section, you never know who might need it, I know I do!

Till my next blog post!



4 thoughts on “CATCH UP WITH ME  X  A BOLD STEP

  1. Hello Ayoyinka Debbie Anuoluwa Morawo 😊 Thank you for teaching us to encourage ourselves and not beat ourselves up all the time. Anyway, about balance, I think one very solid approach is to prioritize and plan. Also, have a day/log/activity book for planning and all. It may sound cliché but it’s really worked for me. I hope it works for everyone who tries it 👯👯

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  2. Just like Self Search said, planning is the key. I’m surprised by it really, I made a decision to plan this year and it’s been so amazing. I also do this thing where I jot down ideas immediately I get them and find time to create content out of it. I also plan days when I post stuff, kind of like a reminder so that nothing stops me from actually doing it. Hope this helps someone ♥️

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