Don’t focus on my hair lol, you guys know I have hair.

Hi guys, happy New Year!! This is my first post of the year and of course I’m in high spirit and I am excited for what’s to come. Also I’d like to thank every one of my readers, you guys are amazing. Thanks for sticking with me. So let’s move!

This season, honestly the weather is just crappy and if you’re not careful it can mess with you. So to avoid that here are a few essentials to have with you.


#1- Lip-gloss

While working on my laptop this morning, I saw something on Instagram that made me smile…I had to stop at the middle of the smile as I felt a familiar pain on my lips..hammertan cracks!!!. That was a sign and I quickly grabbed my lip gloss. This beauty essential here is the most important and I’m sure everyone agrees with me. Ze lip gloss is non-negotiable and it’s advisable to have it in your bag wherever you go.

My latest collection

#2- Sunglasses

Of course, Hammertan comes with the sun. I don’t even understand it, it’s cold at midnight and in the morning and it’s hot during the day coupled with scorching sun and a whole lot of dust. So sunglasses are definitely needed, for me they are more than accessories but while you’re at it, better to have a couple and look good.

Disclaimer- I haven’t tried this cream, but I’ve heard it’s good.

#3- moisturizing cream

You guys, if your body cream is still lotion, I mean those ones that leave your skin dry or whitened after small breeze. You may want to ditch that for now, we don’t want our skin looking un-catered for now. My body and hair cream right now is a mix of shear butter, coconut oil& olive oil (if you’re going to do that better to add some essential oil to get rid of the smell). You could have a moisturizing hand cream as well to take along as you head out.

#4- Tee- shirt instead of sweater

If you’re going to be casual, don’t try a sweater no matter how cold. The morning cold is a decoy (lol).

A basic tee is better because an outfit can either be too light for the weather or too thick for the afternoon. But you can never go wrong with a tee shirt. So bring forth all those tees from where they’ve been hiding, lol.

This jacket was used only for pictures, man was hot!

#5- take care of yourself 

It’s often said as a joke in my house that I know how to take care of myself too much. I would always reply and say “if I don’t who will? ??

Don’t blast AC on your head so you don’t catch a cold(notice I said blast)-

The heat at times can make you want to sit inside the ( AC) Air conditioner (lol) but if your body is sensitive like mine. We’d be paying for it later.


So there it is guys, please feel free to add yours! What do you think I missed? Leave a comment down below

I love you guys




  1. Thanks yinks for the tips. I had like to add SHORTS, trousers tend to get very dirty this period due to dusty roads and floors.


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