BASIC MUST HAVE NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS (beginner & budget friendly)

Ho ho ho (in Santa’s voice) to you! We’re just a heartbeat away from Christmas, so I guess i’m allowed to say merry christmas! So to the post of today, I asked on my Instagram (@ayoyinka_), if anyone wanted me to do a post on natural hair products (budget friendly of course). Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to break your bank because you have natural hair, best to just start with some essentials and buy more as time goes on. Before you go off buying every product you see on you tube, start with these. So if you on a budget like me stay tuned!

 I’m going to start with this ORGANIC DETANGLER.


I wish I bought this like when I began my natural hair journey. For those of us that have 4B and 4C hair, we know the struggle of having to section our hair, put some oil and maybe a little water to soften it. That’s alright but with this detangler, even on rush days, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on your hair (this sounds like an ad, lol) . I bought it for  1890 naira.


ZE COCONUT & OLIVE OIL – let’s just take a moment to thank God for this oil! It does almost everything. It adds shine, softens the hair, promotes hair growth can be used for styling and co-washing. So I have it in a bottle because I get it from my grandmother who buys it from a local place just because I use it for my skin and I am sceptical about processed products. They are usually quite affordable


CASTOR OIL– yellow and Jamaican castor oil, these two are absolutely amazing, they add volume to the hair and also promotes hair growth, especially them edges. For faster results the Jamaican black castor oil is recommended; however it’s a bit expensive.


KUI tea tree and cinnamon leave-in conditioner mist- I use this for styling my hair, when I don’t want use my precious coconut oil. It goes for less than 3000 naira.


ECO- STYLER GEL– lay them edges! This eco styler gel is almost perfect, it does not tamper with my edges (I don’t have to look for my edges after I use it). It can work for the hair as a whole, it keeps my hair decent but sadly it doesn’t last too long for me. I bought it for just a little more than 2000 naira

OLIVE MIRACLEbraid sheen spray– This is optional, but I use this when I have on my protective style and I want to preserve moisture. I love to use this spray especially during harsh weathers, it helps stops breakage, split ends, dryness and it moisturizes. You know you have to keep your hair moisturized always.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR– this is optional, I use this for dandruff. If you’re like me and your hair is just very sensitive then you’d probably need this. I’m kinda sharing this with my sister (you know the kind of sharing, the type that she’s not supposed to know winks*, I got busted anyway). But this is the expensive one, there are others that go for about 2000 naira.


Okay so there we have it guys, of course you have to get a good shampoo and conditioner (sulphate free). I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m thinking of doing a post on how to get rid of /control incessant dandruff and also my DIY deep conditioning treatment. 

Please leave a comment down below if you want me to do any of these.

Till next time


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