Wearing Nigerian

Hi guys, happy new month! I think it still counts right? Welcome to the last month in 2017!

Soo…I just finished exams and I can tell you that there’s nothing like getting a good sleep. I actually planned to sleep and do nothing for a week…it didn’t work out. I was up the day after I got home and with my amazing family there’s no such thing as being left alone,lol.

Excuse my hair pin,lol.

I can say I haven’t had a semester this great in a while. I was a lot more calm, focused and organised. Usually balancing is a hustle, you know? Just making sure I give nothing less than my best in all aspects of my life. But I took my own advice I mean the ones I gave here and some more and got myself going by God’s grace. 

Anyway I hope you’re having a great December so far. The year is almost over but that doesn’t mean that your goals for this year have to come to a halt. It’s actually 22 days more which is 528 hours and the same as 31,680 minutes! So you see there’s still time to get that last one ticked off your list.

One of the things I learnt this year is that you don’t have to wait till a new year to make changes even drastic changes. The calendar was created just so we can follow up on the date/time of our lives, it’s not a determining factor for our goals or changes that need to be made.

Another thing I learnt that I’d like to share is TAKE STEPS! I know we like to listen to motivational talks, we like to see a quote and say Amen to that; but if you don’t take steps you’d only remain among the congregation saying Amen and not doing anything. I had to tell myself this bitter truth.I hope I gave someone a wake up call as I gave myself too

I love you all, till next time

What major self lesson have you thought yourself this year?

Please leave a comment below so we’d all learn

6 thoughts on “GET IT DONE!

  1. I learnt I can do all I set my mind to do,there’s no age for a certain feat,I’m not in competition with anyone,there’s enough room at the top…

    Lovely post Yinkkiieee!❤❤❤


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