Hello blessed one! I have to begin by apologizing for my absence, no excuses really but I’d never post if it wasn’t something that would inspire someone.
So lately I’ve been evaluating myself a lot, am I growing? And at what pace? should I still be here? What is wrong? I’m doing all of that, being the typical Ayoyinka I started to criticize myself. I am my own worst critic, it’s gotta stop though. By growing I meant mentally, spiritually, socially…

So after a week of not being happy with myself and sometimes feeling guilty that i haven’t done enough to achieve my 2017 goals, I realised a lot.
1-  You can’t measure your progress with another persons’. – Sometimes we need to be told time and time again that we aren’t the next person to us. As long as you’re growing and you’re making effort, don’t beat up yourself. Bill Gates didn’t become the richest man in a year, right??? I shared something about this on my last instagram post (ayoyinka_)

2- Find your ginger- this simply means find what motivates you, honestly I can’t even count the number of times I’ve wanted to give less than my best but that thought is immediately countered with another thought- my ginger which is basically the picture of the future that I want. So on that note, keep your ginger at bay.

3- Take actual steps – It’s easy to just form a pity party only you would attend. If you haven’t met up to your goals or you haven’t even started, that’s alright but START NOW. Nothing good comes out of pitying yourself, only more pity. Pick up yourself and go about your business. 

So, there you go guys, what I’ve been learning. 

Permit me to show off these bundles of Joy

We’re all in this Engineering journey together.

On Sundays we look like this but the day after,  My God…student mode on, Lol.

And on a final note my birthday is on tuesday!!! Yayyyyy…I’m so excited you guys!! 

No harm if the gifts start rolling in, you agree? ??

Till next time blessed one ❤ 

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