Hello blessed one! I’m glad you made it to SEPTEMBER, let’s take a moment and be grateful for life. 8 months gone already, it’s been amazing.

So I wanted to share tips on managing your time as a student alongside with other responsibilities. For me I’m not just a student, i’m privileged to be a script writer, a blogger and i’m into some other projects as well. So sometimes it’s hard to balance all these things without leaving any part to bear the weight of others. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know it all I’m still working towards complete balance but I’ve had great results with these tips and I’m sure they’ll help you too. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you
1. PRIORITIES – It is important to know which of the things you do is most/more important. It isn’t enough to know them, you have to put them down, write them out. So now it is beyond a mental thing, you can see them written. It is of common knowledge that what you see sticks faster. it will help you when you get stuck and you need to choose among any of them. I like to call these THE SCALE OF PREFERNCE 

2. DRAW OUT A PLAN – I know, I know, everyone says this but it is inevitable as it is very important. Like I said you can’t rely on just mental planning, you can forget or easily dismiss it. But once you see an actual plan, you can hold yourself some sort of responsible. Be flexible and realistic with your plan. As students our academics is the most important right? If not why are we in school? so you have to plan around your lecture timetable.

3. AVOID TIME WASTERS – haaa, they’re everywhere and they come in different forms. It could be gisting for extended time, browsing, oversleeping, daydreaming, playing games and the list goes on. The trick to avoid these things is really discipline and always having your eye on the goal. It won’t come easy, don’t be too hard on yourself but with consistency comes mastery. I’m not implying that you  shouldn’t have fun yeah? Okay 😊

4. COMMON GOAL FRIENDS – I say it all the time if your friends are going south and you’re going north, you can’t walk together and get to your destination. It’s actually impossible. Have friends with common goals, they don’t necessarily have to do the exact thing you’re into but they should have a focus just like yours. Avoid non-chalant friends, its a vibe thats contagious before you know it,  you become nonchalant as well. Common goal friends help and encourage you in time of weakness.

5. KNOW YOUR SELF – what I’m trying to say is, know your strength and weaknesses. Don’t go comparing yourself to anyone, you are unique and different. If you can’t afford to be distracted during a class sit where you won’t be bothered. If you can’t work for long hours straight, be kind to yourself and take short breaks. By knowing exactly how you function, you get the work done effectively.

6. MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS – You could download a daily planner online they usually have a space for progress report. It will encourage you and also push you to do more. It also helps to see where you flawed and how you can correct it.

7. REST – you may have planned to do a lot but if you don’t have the strength, it won’t get done. Don’t over work yourself so you can utilise your strength. 

I know you may have heard these things before and they may sound cliché but if you don’t put them to work, they won’t work for you. 
I love you all and I hope this month is amazing for you.

Till next time blessed one❤


  1. Can’t lay enough emphasis on the company one surrounds oneself with! Rest is truly key and usually easily neglected by many. Great post and have a great week ahead! 💕


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