Hello to you, blessed one. We’re fast approaching the end of the second quarter, yayyy! If you follow me on Instagram (@ayoyinka_), you’ll remember that at the beginning of last month, I blessed the month and declared that it is already a great month. Well I am here to tell you that it was! The words that you say matter a lot, so please speak good things into your life.

Moving on to the reason for this post, my hair. I thought I’d do this post when it is one year old but why not now?


Its story time, lol. Well, it started two years ago when the damage on my relaxed hair became really prominent. My hair was long at that time and I wasn’t ready to let go even though the length was unequal.

Another reason why I felt I could not cut it was because I felt my hair was one of my major score point and it made me more beautiful( don’t blame me, I was naïve).

I started to tell a couple of people that were close to me that I was going to cut my hair. They would laugh, some said i could never do it. Of course I don’t blame them for that conclusion, I carried my damaged hair with grace, lol.

Then the trigger to cut my hair, fast forward to last year I was going through some emotional stuff (you know, stuff…). I promise to write about it sometime. I started to make changes in my life, just to have that fresh start. I’ve had a hard time expressing myself if it’s not in writing so I resulted to change
The last time I applied relaxer on my hair was May 2016. By December I was dealing with two types of hair (my natural hair and the relaxed one)


So one day in December, while in the saloon about to make my hair, I told the stylist to cut off all the relaxed part which is most of my hair. I was tired of having headache every time I wanted to comb it, so without the thought of the ‘after look’, I asked for a cut. I broke free of the attachment I had to my relaxed hair.

Guys as soon as I got it off, I felt relief. The breeze that blew through my hair was heavenly, lool.

The first time I let my hair out, I was so shy. I didn’t expect much but I was really surprised. I couldn’t keep up with both the compliment and the lamentations (I laughed through it all). People would ask me anywhere they saw me (even while walking on the campus road), “Omg, did you cut your hair? (Like it wasn’t obvious, lol) or “why did you cut you hair? Then they’d go on to say it suited me.


My friend made it her job to comb it into style every morning, trust me I was enjoying the love my hair was getting. And the people who didn’t like it? Well they didn’t exist, lol!
And now, my hair is 6 months and all I can say is “I’m loving it! Why didn’t I cut it sooner?

So there you have it guys, the story behind my hair cut. Before I go I’d like to say physical changes do not substitute for changes within yourself. With cutting my hair, I had to change my thinking in some areas of my life.

Also some people have asked how my hair grew so fast, honestly I don’t have any major routine secrets and stuff. But I make sure to treat my hair very 2weeks with mostly natural oils (coconut oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, olive oil, shear butter oil) and honey. That’s all for now, maybe as time goes on I’ll get more products. If you know great products, tested and trusted, please recommend in the comment section. Thanks for reading!


Bye blessed one!
Talk to you soon.

SOUL FOOD: The fears we don’t face become our limits

12 thoughts on “STORY BEHIND THE CUT

  1. You look beautiful girl and your blog is amazing as well. You should try using Design essentials almond and avocado moisturizing and detangling sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I started using this a few months ago and it’s so amazing with my natural hair. Makes it way easier to comb through and style easily. I’m sure you will love it too.
    Shine on girl ✨

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  2. Great post and damn, you look so beautiful!
    I think you are using all the right products, no need to add more. Just some warning, as it gets longer, it may get harder to comb and you’ll need to dedicate more time to it (buy detangler- this is a product or be cheap like me and mix olive oil + coconut oil and water into a spray bottle, shake well and use). Another thing you can do is: plait it into big chunks before going to bed, it will be soft, stretched and easier to comb in the morning when you come. Also, if you don’t use hair drier or any thing with heat, your hair will be thick and nice… Those things thin out the hair. So, after washing it, use towel to drain out the water, apply your shea butter and all that (always do this before the hair dries) and plait it, leave it like that until it dries. And know the comb size that works for you, those tail combs don’t “epp”. Braids and kiko will make it grow faster and stretch out and they are great protective hairstyles too. I did braids for about 2 years (about 6-8 times per year) with my natural hair and it started growing past my shoulder: tell the hair dressers to be mindful of your edges tho. Plus, don’t be afraid to trim the ends, I used to trim mine every 6 months or so. Then some bonet will save your pillow case from all the products. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    I got too busy and couldn’t keep up with my natural hair, and I went back to jheri curls last month but overall having natural hair is a great experience if you are committed to taking care of it.

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    1. Thank you oyin! I’ve been doing some of these things but i’ll definitely take your advice on braids and kiko, who doesn’t want long hair, lool. Thank you dear.❤❤❤


  3. I’ve been contemplating whether to go natural or not,the discouragement has been bad,I think I’ll just go for it. Thanks for this. I remember laughing when you said you wanted to cut your hair,trust me it looks great on you 😍😍😍

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