This was Sarah’s third relationship and she was determined to make it work. She couldn’t understand why all her other relationships didn’t work but this one had to. The last words her ex said to her was that “he’s not the one she was looking for…what?
I mean she knew it was not God’s plan for her to be going from one failed relationship to another, she wanted a relationship that would lead to marriage.

She had met Seth at her work place some months ago, he was an entrepreneur who came to make a presentation to the board of directors. The director had asked her to bring some files into the board room, Seth was delivering a speech. It was the way he spoke, very bold yet in an humble manner she glanced at him once more before she left and this time he looked as well.

She didn’t see him again for weeks and she already forgot about him until they met at Tise’s party, Tise was her best friend and Seth happened to be a friend to the friend of Tise’s brother something like that.

He walked up to her in the party, smiled and said “hi, I think we’ve met before, she smiled back and well they kept up communicating after then. They started dating after three months, she really wanted to be sure that he would not mess up. He was a Christian and never missed church on Sundays, he was mannered and spoke a lot about his dreams and goals. He actually encouraged her to start her own business and not wholly depend on her salary job, he’d call her every day, what more was she looking for? She thought he was definitely the one till that very day when her world turned upside down.

Sarah had done everything down to cooking for him, she went all out, even meeting his siblings and his friends. She had listed in her head what a boyfriend should and shouldn’t do, how she’d know he loved her and Seth wasn’t falling short.
Her life was gradually all about Seth…
They had attended a couple of programs in church together, God did not need to come down to tell her he was the one.

One Sunday evening she called him as usual, “hi love do you want to eat out or should we have home cooked meal? “ Errr…you know what I’d rather just stay at my place today, I’m…
”oh that’s okay, I’ll just come over”.

“No, I mean I have some things to do and I’d rather have lunch on my own, sorry dear”.

She was quiet for some time…”did I do something wrong?

“No…No you didn’t, I just need to work today and be focused”.

“So I’m now a distraction, eh? 

“Stop talking like that you know you’re not.

“Okay, bye…
“Sarah wait”…she hung up.

Now she’s a distraction? She picked up her laptop and scrolled through movies, definitely comedy because nothing was funny at this time. She couldn’t concentrate, she’d remember something she wanted to tell Seth but would drop her phone in anger.

Frustrated, she remembered her friends she hadn’t called for months. She suddenly felt a pang of guilt since she had been dating Seth she didn’t have any time for them, she remembered when one of them had said that her world was revolving around Seth. She got angry and didn’t speak to her for a long time, she dialled Tise’s number.

Hello? Tiseeeee, I’ve missed you…She was quiet… Tise? Yeah I’m here. Why were you quiet now? I was waiting for you to tell me that you’re fighting with Seth.
Why…how did you know? Because that’s the only reason why you’d call me on a Sunday evening…”you’re just somehow, you didn’t even let me talk and I’m not fighting with anybody”…she felt bad instantly she had just lied to her best friend.

“Oh…wow, so then to what do I owe this pleasure?

“You’re not serious, I’m coming over you home?

“No, I’m at Abeokuta I told you about my cousin’s wedding now”.

“Ohhh, I forgot sorry, alright have fun”.
“I will, bye I have to go now”.
Bye dear.

She lay on the bed, what was wrong with everyone today? She would be busy too if she had taken Seth’s advice to start up a business, but she never got around to it.

She slept off to wake up 4am on Monday morning, she checked her phone immediately one missed call from Seth. One? Since yesterday? She hissed and decided to get ready for the day. At work she kept looking at her phone till she couldn’t take it anymore and called him.

“Hi babe, how are you?

How do you think I am?

“I’m sorry now, I’ve been preparing for an important meeting and I actually have to go for the meeting now.

“Ohh, okay…good luck”.
“Thanks babe I promise to make it up to you”.

The week was finally running to an end and she would finally get to see Seth, they had agreed to meet on Saturday, they would eat out.

Looking exceptional was all that was on her mind, he may be losing interest because she was getting too comfortable with her dressing. She got there right on time, six o’clock, spent about fifteen minutes trying to touch up her makeup, good thing her best friend was a make-up artist.

She entered into the restaurant and looked directly to their favourite spot but he wasn’t there, her heart broke. She sat down and dialled his number, he didn’t pick, and she became very restless. After about twenty minutes Seth entered the restaurant and as soon as she saw him all of the anger went away.

“I’m sorry dear, I was caught in traffic”, she smiled ‘its fine’.
So how was the meeting?

What meeting? He said without paying much attention

“The one you had on Monday”.

“Oh it was great, I got the contract”. She raised her brow, you didn’t tell me about any contract.

“sorry…sorry dear, it was on such a short notice, she stuffed her mouth with another spoon of rice and kept her head down so he would not see the look on her face. She wasn’t going to crack, all of this was getting too much for her, and it was like her last relationship over again or was she overreacting?

“Babe, are you okay?

“Yeah…yeah I am, so my mum called today, she said she’d be
coming to Lagos soon, I want you to meet her”.

Wow…your mum? He shifted uncomfortably

“Next week Friday”…
“Ah, I have another meeting for Friday and it’ll run till night time, when is she leaving?
“Saturday afternoon”, by this time her mood had totally changed.
He got a hint, “I…i should be able to make it”.

She didn’t respond and didn’t say much during the rest of the dinner. She didn’t bring her car intentionally so he’d drive her home. She really wasn’t thinking straight, I mean when we started dating you’d tell me everything, down to every detail what changed. Now you make excuses about everything and you leave me out of vital information.

“You talk like it’s intentional…his voice broke into her thoughts, she didn’t think he’d hear her even though she said it so softly.
She didn’t say anything…”Sarah don’t blow this out of proportion”.

They got to her house and he walked her inside… may be she was being over dramatic, Seth was nothing like the other guys that she had dated and their relationship would last.

All she had to do was keep the relationship interesting. He sat down, “Sarah I…she put her hands on his lips and moved closer to him. They had both agreed as Christians to wait till marriage before they’d have sex. If this was what was going to keep their love alive then she would do it, she wouldn’t go as far as sex but maybe this would help.

Her stomach tightened as she kissed him, he responded and that gave her some sort of satisfaction. He soon gained control and wrapped his arms around her as he pressed his body to her.
Her heart was pounding and she was losing control, he started to unbutton her shirt, she had stopped thinking with her head.

She managed to say something, ‘babe if we do this you know you have to marry me, “of course I will” he managed to say through the breathlessness.

She tried to persuade herself that he was sincere, but there was such desperation in his voice. She didn’t know what to do, he was moving fast. If she stopped now, would he come back? And was she ready to give it up?

                                                                   be continued 

Hi loves! what’s your view on Sarah? And why do you think Seth is acting suspicious.
Stay glued, part 2 would be up soon.


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