See my angry face,Lol

I’ll be back by 8:30, I told my roommate as I hurried out of the room. The library was the only place I could get my reading done at a precise time, I’d actually put a time to everything I wanted to achieve and it usually worked.

I entered the library and looked to the lockers, it was filled up with bags of students who only came to the library towards exam period. Annoyed that my private space would probably be taken, I picked up my books and dropped an empty bag on the shelf.
Yeah, Just like I predicted my space was taken, I strolled to another side and luckily I found an empty space.

After an hour of reading, I decided to plug in my earphones. It was time to solve maths and music was not a barrier.

You know that feeling you get when you know someone is staring at you but you’re not staring back at the person. Well I started getting that feeling, I looked up and bam! I caught his eye, he slowly dragged them back into his book, I had expected a sharp turn.

I hissed in my head, “did he have to make it so obvious”? I flipped my hair (it was unconscious, lol) and continued reading and to my greatest surprise this dude did not only continue to stare at me, he moved to a seat closer to mine. He was making it obvious that he was trying to get my attention, worst off he waved at me

I bent my head slowly, Wonders will never end, this one is enemy of progress I hadn’t finished one page since he started bugging me. I pretended to be really focused. You can’t blame me for dissing him, this was the library.
He didn’t give up o, he moved again, his time I could not avoid him.

I looked around and as people started coming in the library they were staring at me, this guy was embarrassing me. I couldn’t take it anymore so I stood up and started packing my books when he walked up to me. What! I shouted at him.
“Your music has been playing out loud”, he said innocently.

You guys…If I was light skinned, then the reddening on my cheeks would have been prominent, I was embarrassed. I heard some laughter here and there, if it was just a normal song I could have managed. I had sunny Ade’s song on repeat as I was trying to learn the lyrics to surprise my grandpa(don’t get me wrong, he is a legend), chai… Nobody wants to hear that story, I murmured a thank you and hurried out of the library. I didn’t go to the library for days. In my head I was like “what if does set of people were there again”?

Yesterday I saw this guy at the cafeteria and you guessed right I bailed. Sorry no romantic story here just some embarrassing moment and some guy I avoided till the end of the semester. I became seriously humble, I’d pay attention to things people said even if it was out of point.

I thought that was the end until during the holidays I met him on my street, he happened to live on my street! I acted like I didn’t see him but you guessed right he crossed the street and was coming towards me…

I don’t know you guys if you want me to continue the story you have to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Soon loves!


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