I really need a camera

The semester is finally over! Whoop! I had the best semester, challenging, yes but amazing. I had a really nice roommate…who made the four months bearable.

So this post is just basically a welcome back post, due to exams I could not post like I wanted.
This month I’d like to do a lot of flash post- that is very short stories but intriguing definitely. First up is the “THE LIBRARY GUY”, should I give a squeak? Errrrrrrr…no lol. That’ll be my next post.

One quick thing before I go, in a post on my page some days back (@ayoyinka_) I talked about not being too adamant on a particular method. I use to have the problem of not being flexible, I liked to finish with the method I started while that is not wrong it is most advisable to review your methods if it’s not working.

It could be in trying to overcome a habit, or achieving your to-do list, staying consistent on your work-out schedule, consistently posting quality content on a blog (this is me)… and so on
You see changing your method is not giving up on your goal. The goal is the same but the method is different. I hope I’ve been of help to someone. Oh and before I go that’s my hair and it’s 5 months old, yayy!…Bye guys

Stay focused

I love you all!

Watch out for my next post

SOUL FOOD “for us to do things the way we have always done them and expect a different result is the definition of insanity” – Albert Einstein


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