Hi guys, happy new month! I know I’m a bit late but better late than never right? February was such a great month, for me it was full of activities and a lot of mental work. There’s a list of those activities below.

#1- Valentine’s day -(I really didn’t do anything, but the excitement around me was contagious)

#2- Preparation for Drama night 9 – I had rehearsals four times a week, it was tiring but totally worth it. If you could not see it you can do that @olivemedia on youtube


#3- Warrior princess – its biannual program for ladies’. It was so powerful and so many people were blessed.

#4 –“The one book-one month challenge- this challenge started last month and it’s been a wonderful experience. It’s never too late to join, it’s a new month and there will be a giveaway to the winner by June. You can check how to enter the challenge here

#5- Trade fair 2017– I didn’t take a picture but for the first time I put myself and my wallet (lol) out there to explore. I enjoyed every bit and I had great company, my friend and fashion blogger IAMYEYCHII

So there you have it, a lot of activities but with essence. Now to the book review, I read the book “IF THE DEVIL CAN’T STEAL YOUR JOY-HE CAN’T KEEP YOUR GOODS” by Jerry Savelle . This book you guys, it’s one of the few books that I could practice its principle while reading it. I learnt some valuable lessons that I’d like to share with you.


The devil always try to steal our joy – the bible says he’s come to steal….that’s his Job and the bible also says “the joy of the Lord is your strength”. So now you see why he would try to steal it, when he does succeed he saps even the strength to pray. So we must protect our Joy.

Don’t tie your joy to any human- humans err a lot. If your Joy is tied to a man that means the person virtually controls how you feel per time. Tie your Joy to the one who can never disappoint you-God.

Once you have this revelation he will come to steal the word- you see once you understand this principle, the devil doesn’t want you to put it to work so he comes to get it out of the way. When I read this part I just nodded with the “hmms and ahhha” I did expect it to actually happen. You guys last month I got infected with food poisoning. It was so discouraging but then I remembered what I read and I started laughing. The devil must have been mad because he tried to hit me with malaria too, after proclaiming that I have already been healed I started to laugh again. The best part was this Joy came flowing from my heart because of my source of Joy. I never had to go the hospital or use drugs!

Laugh!laugh!laugh! – if you knew me before, you’d know this isn’t my speciality. My friends had to actually tell me from time to time to smile, but i had to learn this on my own. The whole world isn’t on your head so laugh, when it looks like everything is going wrong just laugh! It helps to put your mind at ease, it really works I’ve tried it. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh-Psalm: 2. 4a

Don’t compromise your inheritance- now guys Joy, peace, divine health, wealth all of these things are our inheritance but how would you get an inheritance you don’t even know that you have? I’ll tell you a short story.
There was a woman who worked for a queen for a very long time from her youth to her adult years. After a long time, the queen became old and died but before she died she gave this woman a plank. The woman went back to her town with nothing to show for her service but the plank. Every time someone came to visit her she would show them this plank. After some years she became sick and was dying in poverty, a doctor came to visit her and after checking her she pointed at the plank on the wall as usual, the doctor picked the plank and looked at it. His face changed as soon as he looked at it, he asked her “have you ever read this thing”? “What is there to read”? She asked back. Well on this plank, is the will of the queen and she gave all she had to you.
Would you imagine that? If only she knew.

MORAL: Read, read read! You would always be busy especially if you’re a student, you don’t get less busy. But the value you add to yourself now is what will be useful for you later, there’s no magic after graduation guys.

There you have it guys, I hope you learnt a lot. By the way, how did your February go? Please leave a comment below. LOVE YOU ALL!

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