Hi Lovelies! It’s been a while, but I’m back for sure. This month is really special to me, because it’s the start of something new. As Humans we should never stop growing and gaining knowledge. You see, they say Knowledge is power but it cannot bring about power if you don’t put it to use. To me reading is fun(i know its weird, LOL). You get to see life in a new way everytime you read. You learn to overcome challenges and you also build capacity. There is virtually no downside to reading.
So to this end I would be hosting a challenge. yayyyyy!

As the heading of this post says it’s the one book – one month challenge.

One book within a month, i know we all have schedules and we’re mostly busy so that’s why it’s a whole month!
It also comes with a giveaway at the middle of the year, the giveaway would include a sort of book and something fashionable to wear. I am working alongside a fashion and lifesyle blogger for the second part of the giveaway. She will be revealed later on.
Please read books that are relevant for the season of your life, that’s the only way it won’t be a struggle to read
So here are the steps to be part of this challenge

1)  Get your self a book- it must be a value adding book (inspirational,intellectual…)
2)  tag me in a picture of the book on instagram @noirwrites @ayoyinka_
3) Read the book within a month
4)  once you’re done, write a short preview and send via my email (what you learnt and what you think of the book)
5)  I would randomly choose a reader’s review and put it on here.
6) put what you learnt to work!

I am so excited!!!

I’m sure you’re wondering what qualifies you for the giveaway.
Well all you have to do is to be committed to the challenge and give feedbacks. The winner would be the most committed reader, the book you read also matters.

So let’s get started! I’m starting with this book for the month of February.



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