After settling down in a bus at iwo road, the bus conductor began to shout “No change o, enter with your seven hundred naira,  I dey talk am now o”. Other bus conductors started shouting the same

I shifted uncomfortably, as i had a one thousand naira note, but I wasn’t ready to leave the bus, finding a bus on its own was enough stress. I removed my gaze from the Conductor and looked away pretending not to care or hear.

The woman beside me had a child who had been crying since she entererd the bus and the man behind me kept snorting. Irritated,i hissed and turned to face the front.

The bus was finally filled and ready to move, I plugged in my ear phones, and turned the volume to the loudest.

Soon I slept off. I woke to someone tapping me.
“Madam, your money”. I opened my eyes. Pay your money Madam.
I opened my bag without much thought, handed him the one thousand naira and closed my eyes to sleep again.

“Madam! I tell you before that I no get change”.

“Sorry abeg, that’s what I have”.
He threw the money on my thigh.
I don’t have change. He turned to the next passenger, your money?

I was now fully awake. “Conductor please now take I don’t have  change”.
He eyed me, looked at the money, eyed me some more before he collected it. I chuckled in my mind

We were finally in Lagos. I had told my mum that I got a job just for her to leave me alone. I was actually here to explore, I mean I have never left my parents home.

Maybe alongside I would get a Job, but before then, I need to enjoy this freedom.

The Conductor handed me my ghana-must-go  as I got down from the bus, he finally handed my change to me. I smiled.

I carried my luggage to the side of the road, for someone who didn’t have a job, i sure had lot of belongings.

I dialled Amaka’ s number…
“Hello? Amaka
I’m at the bus stop, abeg come”…

“I’m not in lag o, I don’t travel go village”.

“Yeh! Amaka, I told you I was coming today now

“Sorry, it was urgent
I’ll send the address to you, my brother is at home”.

“Amaka, this isn’t nice o, I told you since last week”.

“Sorry sorry, I’ll call you later, bye!
She hung up

God, I don’t know anywhere in this Lagos
Chai. I looked to see if I could get someone to help me

My phone vibrated, Amaka had sent the address
I closed my eyes, I can do this.

“Excuse me…excuse me,I stopped a man passing by.
Please where do I get a taxi to Gbagada”?

He pointed to a gathering of taxi’s

“Thank you.

I lifted my luggage and before I knew what was happening,
One guy from no where tried to snatch it from me.

Luckily I had a firm grip
I struggled with him whilst shouting “thief! Thief!

Some guy passing by gave him a slap from the back
Even I, was shocked.
He ran away and I was almost speechless, muttering a ‘Thank you’

The People around me kept giving me a weird stare, I pretended not to care. They didn’t even try to help me.

My whole life was in my luggage, my certificate, the only clothed I had, the laptop I suffered to buy.

I carried my ghana-must-go and entered into the taxi. I didn’t sleep this time, I was so alert.

Once we got to the bus stop I got down from the bus, collected my luggage from the boot and looked for a bike.

After looking for some time, a bike finally came

I waved him down,but he was already heading to where I was.

“I’m going to Gbagada, Ken estate, house 5”.

“Okay, I sabi the place”. He replied

I settled on the bike, i was Finally going to get some rest.


The bike man kept making turns
“Oga, is the place this far? we’re supposed to have reached the place now”.

He didn’t respond

“Oga, i’m talking to you now”.


“What’s yes? That’s not the answer to my question”.

He suddenly took a turn into an enclosed place and stopped. I knew this was trouble.

“Oya, bring that bag. He brought out a knife”.

Jesus! Why are people trying to steal my luggage”?
I don’t know where the boldness came from  but I pushed him and started to run, he ran after me.

He threw the knife at me, and it hit my leg.
I was hurt but I wasn’t ready to give up my laptop

“Help! Help! I shouted

The street was quiet.
And he was gaining ground.

How I was going to save myself, I didn’t know.

I ran into an open compound shouting
“Help! Help!

Some people ran outside, Luckily it was a boys quarter.
As soon as the man saw he was inside a compound full of men he ran away.

I was shaking all over,
“Are you okay? One of the guys tapped me
I nodded.

“What happened? And why are you here”?

“Hmm,I just want to get to Gbagada,but he tried to rob me”.

“Where in Gbagada are you going”?

“Em…let me Check” still panting
I brought out my phone and told him.

“Ohhh, ahah, he turns to one of the guys
That’s chinedu’s place now”.

I looked up at him, “yes yes that’s the name of Amaka’s brother.

He laughed,” Amaka is my babe.
Wait let me get you a reliable bike. Sorry about that, bike men this days..

He walked me to the side of the road.

He must have noticed how I clung to my Ghana-must-go because he kept looking at me.

He soon waved down a bike, and warned the man that I must get to my destination without any scratch.

I thanked him countless times before the bike zoomed off.

I finally got to Amaka’s house. “Ah, when she returns she will hear it from me”.
I didn’t ask for adventure, I just want to look for Job.
She was the one that brought up this idea in the first place.

I got down from the bike.
This was definitely the house the number was boldly written in front.

I entered the gate and sitting there was a guy that looked exactly like Amaka, the resemblance struck me.

One could as well say they were twins.

“Good afternoon, please is this Amaka’s place”.
I was obviously still shaking

He looked up at me
“Who are you?

I’m Amaka’s friend, Toyosi. I’m the friend that…

“Amaka has travelled”.

“Yes, I’m aware. She told me to come here that she’ll be back soon”.

He scouted through my body as if he was eyeing me
I shifted uncomfortably.

He stood up, “come in.

I carried my luggage and followed him.
He showed me into a room.
At first I did not understand, there were pots and plates in one corner, a bed in another corner and clothes scattered everywhere.

This must be the kitchen/living room/bedroom. I shook my head

My house back at Ibadan is far better than this place, I murmured.
I dropped my luggage close to the door. Then I thought better,
I picked it up and dropped it at a corner.

I needed a shower for sure, I made for my ghana-must-go to collect to my soap.
As I tried to unzip the bag, it was unusually difficult.

I forced the zip open and stopped short as I saw the inside.

Was I dreaming? Or why were there bundles of money in the bag.
I reached for the money to be sure, maybe the day’s hustle had gotten to me.

It was real!
“Eh! I shouted, then I covered my mouth. Is that why people have been chasing me? I carried the wrong bag? But how did they know it had money?

It was then I noticed the logo at a corner of the bag. I bent to inspect it, the logo just showed stacks of money

“Ah,I’m in trouble o!
I placed my hands on my head and started to pace.
Even if I found the real owner, they would kill me for sure. Like the Yoruba girl that I am, I already imagined the worst.

“Ritual money? Stolen money. I was shaking all over.
I heard someone shouting outside, I looked through the window.

There were two men struggling with Amaka’s brother… Before I knew it, one of them punched him. My heart skipped.

I ran to carry the ghana-must-go. If I left the money, Amaka would be in danger as well. I hurriedly went through the back door.

Luckily for me one “maruwa” was passing by. I was sweating profusely, wherever the ghana-must-go was, there was trouble.

Maybe I should just drop it by the side of the road, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t be killed. I started to shake again.

Should I go to the police? Should I go back to Ibadan? I glanced at my watch, it was already 3pm.

I kept looking back, my phone started to ring. It was my mother



Hi guys…What did you think of the story? Please leave a comment and what would you do if you were in Toyosi’s position?? Would love to know your opinion.
Also would you like me to continue the story???

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