Heyyy loves! It’s the end of the year (not like you need any more announcement) LOL.  So I was going to do a gratitude list. That’s a list of people that have impacted my life one way or the other this year but I decided to do “Lesson post” instead.

The main lessons I learnt this year
The quotes that changed my perspective
And the people that never left me the same (positively of course).
I’m writing this, hoping that someone would learn from it too.


                           10 LESSONS OF 2016


Like Albert Einstein said “a person is only a failure when he stops trying “. It’s okay to make mistakes it’s part of life, sometimes things don’t go like we’ve planned and we get dissapointed at ourselves or at life. But the important thing is to get back up! If success was a straight route with no obstructions then there would be no need for “success stories”. Every great man/woman has a success story. So don’t be discouraged when you face obstacles, it’s part of the story.


There are a lot of people in this world, why would you want to be someone’s duplicate when you can just be your own ORIGINAL self.
It’s okay to admire people, but make sure to find your uniqueness when imbibing a trait in someone. Let go of that thought that who you are, isn’t good enough or won’t be accepted, trust me when you’re confident people around you won’t have a choice but to accept you. And you shouldn’t always think about being accepted because not everyone will accept you. Like one of my favourite quotes “like the sun, They may not like you But they can’t stop your shine!


I know what you must be thinking,”I have integrity”. But it goes beyond “not stealing or telling the truth”. Integrity is being true to your words and carrying them out to the very last letter. In learning this I also learnt to keep quiet more because I don’t want to say something I won’t be able to do.


To achieve great things,  discipline is inevitable. Hard work without discipline will only result in frustration. It might be hard but when you have your eye on the goal discipline becomes easier with time.


You’re never too young to chase your dreams, there is no particular time to start. Once you realise your dream, don’t let anyone discourage you. Be open to advices, Yes but don’t let any of the negatives get to you. Like lupita n’yongo said; “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”.


“And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God” – 1 Samuel: 30. 6.

I love this verse of the scripture. Stop waiting for people to encourage you and make you feel better everytime something does not go the way you want it. Encourage yourself. No matter how much someone loves you, they have their own life too.
When I feel discouraged I listen to spirit lifting songs, that’s not the time to listen to slow and heart breaking songs, LOL


I think that from the onset of my life, No matter what I was going through I’ve always had this brewing confidence. It doesn’t matter how you see me or what you say to me,it hardly ever moves me. This example might be shabby but just take it as it is. One seamester in school my fashion spirit was on a low. I didn’t feel like being over the top at any time even on Sundays.  I didn’t wear half of the clothes I brought to school and I kept repeating clothes. I didn’t care, it didn’t even bother me. I knew I just didn’t want to wear those clothes. It’s the same way, when you have a dream, you know what your vision is, people around you may not see it but you do. So be confident even in your shabby state!


I have a little “best friend” phobia, because of the experience I’ve had in the past. But I learnt to always choose friends. Like right now in my life I have just four friends, it’s not like I don’t have other people around me I talk to. But these four people are people who drive me to want to do better. They’re people who believe in me and my dreams. If you have a friend that you can’t discuss your dreams with without being scared they’d laugh at you, well they shouldn’t be so close to you. Note that I didn’t say you can’t have friends to hang out with and stuff but just be selective with people who you let get close to you because they’ll affect your life and your decisions in more ways than not.


This was the hardest for me. Forgiveness goes beyond being able to get along with whomever offended you. For me the first type of forgiveness I had to deal with was myself. Yeah, myself. I’ve made some mistakes in the past which cost me a lot. And everyday I’d blame myself and blame the other person I felt was responsible. Without genuine forgiveness you cannot truly move on. It is like a hold, won’t let you move forward. In those period of times in my life, I was withdrawn from everyone. Forgive others too if not for anything, forgive because God forgives us everyday.


God is the most trustworthy being. If you’ve experienced God one time or the other, you’d know he never backs out of a deal. He is so real and true. Just in case you’re reading this and you don’t know him, you’ve got to! It beats me how someone could think that the world as beautiful and orderly as it is, it just came about with  big bang! LOL. Naa, God is real and without him we can never be completely fufiled.


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