After settling down in the bus at iwo road, the bus conductor began to shout “No change o, enter with your seven hundred naira, I dey talk am now o”. Other bus conductors started shouting the same

I shifted uncomfortably, i had one thousand naira, but I wasn’t ready to leave the bus, finding a bus on its own was enough stress. I removed my gaze from the Conductor and looked away pretending not to care or hear.

The woman beside me had a child who had been crying since she entererd and the man behind me kept snorting. Irritated,i hissed and turned to face the front.

The bus was finally full and ready to move, I plugged in my ear phones, and turned the volume to the loudest.

Soon I slept off. I woke to someone tapping me.
Madam, your money. I opened my eyes. Pay your money Madam.
I opened my bag without much thought, handed him the one thousand naira and closed my eyes to sleep again.

Madam! I tell you before that I no get change.

Sorry abeg, that’s what I have. He threw the money on my laps.
I don’t have change. He turned to the next passenger, your money?

I was now fully awake. Conductor please now take I don’t have change. He eyed me and looked at the money, eyed me some more before he collected it. I chuckled in my mind

We were finally in Lagos. I had told my mum that I got a job just for her to leave me alone. I was actually here to look for a job.

I carried my luggage to the side of the road, for someone who didn’t have a job, i sure had lot of belongings.

I dialled Amaka’ s number…
Hello? Amaka
I’m at the bus stop, abeg come…

I’m not in lag o, I don’t travel go village

Yeh! Amaka, I told you I was coming today now

Sorry, it was urgent
I’ll send the address to you, my brother is at home

Amaka, this isn’t nice o, I told you since last week.

Sorry sorry, I’ll call you later, bye!
She hung up

God, I don’t know anywhere in this Lagos

My phone vibrated, Amaka had sent the address
I closed my eyes, I can do this.

Excuse me…excuse me,I stopped a man passing by.
Please where do I get a taxi to Gbagada.

He pointed to a gathering of taxi’s

Thank you.

I lifted my luggage and before I knew what was happening,
One guy from nowhere dragged it from me

Luckily I had a firm grip
I struggled with him whilst shouting thief! Thief!

I bent down to bite him because he was overpowering me
He shouted and kicked me


Hey! Hey!
My load, my load!!

I started to run after him
It was like a Dream
He got away
But that’s not the shocking part. Nobody helped me even with the way I shouted.

I ran back to my remaining luggage. It only remained my GHANA-MUST-GO.

While I was lamenting at my misfortune. One lady standing beside me suddenly laughed,
You dey lucky they no carry your second bag, while you dey chase that one. Sister you dey lagos, better open ya eyes.

This wasnt happening to me, tears began to fall from my eyes
The luggage contained my most expensive clothes!
Not to talk of the dinner gown and jewellery I just bought.

Eh! The lady entered into the taxi
Sister you dey go?
I entered quickly, I couldn’t bear being robbed again.

I sobbed throughout the journey

I got down at the bus stop
Looking around like a hawk. All I had left was my ghana-must-go,
I couldn’t afford to be careless.

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