THIS CHRISTMAS- the present future


“And that was how I lost my kids”

She was shaking in tears

“If only I could take it all back
If I didn’t go back home
My babies would still be alive”.

She squeezed her cloth

Marie placed her hand gently on her back
And stroked her.
“There are some things that we’d never understand
But one thing is sure, God loves you”.

“Now you have two wonderful children
Even though the doctor said you may not have children again”.

“Your husband loves you,
though you’re broken”.

“But you can’t love them back if you don’t let go of the hurt
You have to open your heart to God’s love
So you can love your family too”.

“You’ve got to forgive him Angela”
Like God forgives us
For the countless times we stab him in the heart everyday”.

“It hurts”

“I know it does and I know how you feel
I lost my only child when he went into the army
His father encouraged him to go and I blamed him”.

“I felt this way too”.

“But through it all, I held on to God
In my anguish, my pain, I didn’t let go
And it became better”.
I became better

Now I help take care of children at the south side
And honestly it’s fulfilling
They’re like my children

Angel had calmed down
She looked up at the old woman in her teary eyes

“How did you find peace?

“Forgiveness, I had to forgive myself, forgive my husband
Forgive the army who didn’t even ask for forgiveness”.

Angela gave a slight smile.
I’m sorry, I’m not as terrible as you think

Marie smiled, I know

She checked the time
“I have to go, she jolted up.
She looked around the park, it was empty

“When did all these people leave”?
She wiped her face and hurried along

When She got home,
David already stood at the door, looking worried

He looked up
“Where have you been”?

He hugged her
“You had me all worried”.

She smiled, “i’m sorry

He withdrew a bit, “did I just see a smile”?

I smile David, it’s not like it’s the first time

Ohh no, this smile reached up to your eyes.
He lifted her and spun her around.

She laughed
Let’s go in David, I…have a lot to tell you.

“Are you sure you can do this”?
David looked into her eyes

“I can and I will”.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath

David knocked on the door
No answer

“Maybe he doesn’t live here anymore
Let’s go”.

She pulled him back
“I think I heard something”.

She knocked again

There was a loud crash.
Someone was groaning

“David, you have to take down this door”.


“He might be in danger!
Take it down”.

“Okay, step back”.
He kicked the door twice and it came down

She ran inside
Williams was on the floor

“Oh Lord, call the ambulance!

He had an overdose

Of what?

“Of alcohol”

Angela stared i’m disbelief
Was his doctor trying to be funny?

But he’ll be fine
The doctor said as he walked away from them

Williams,  opened his eyes
“Where am I”?
He tried to stand up

He felt a sharp dab of pain in his chest

Relax old man, the doctor laid him down
And smiled

“Who are you calling old”?

Angela walked in
“You still throw a fit at every little thing”.

He couldn’t belive his eyes
He opened his mouth to say something but he couldn’t

“It’s no ghost
It’s me dad”.
She slowed her pace

Tears rushed to his eyes
“I’m so sorry”
He started to shake his head
It was not intentional.

Tears gushed from her eyes
She was nodding
“I know”.

I already forgave you, dad
She started to sob.
I’ve been in a whole new place the past few months
I’ve experienced love like never before

David walked in and stopped short when he saw Williams
Williams looked up and kept staring

“What’s wrong? Angela looked from her dad to David

This was the man that helped me when I had that accident


“Why are you here?
Williams faced David, looking very confused

“I’m….married to your daughter

Angela shook her head, still trying to understand
“You were there, at the accident scene”?

“Yes, dear
I saw it happen”.
I didn’t know he was your dad,
I hadn’t even met you then
The other car didn’t follow the traffic light
Your dad couldn’t have seen it coming

It was the other driver’s fault

She looked down
“God, I’m sure you planned this,
This can’t be a coincidence”.

David wrapped her around his arms
“I think this is the closure you’ve always wanted my love.
And I didn’t know I had it all along”.

David checked his watch
“It’s almost time for service
We have to be on our way”.

Williams nodded

“You’re coming with us, next time”.

He gave a sad smile, “we’ll see about that”.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” – Matthew: 11. 28

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