“Mum, please help me”.
Angela’s voice was trembling
“I know dad will be dissapointed
But I can’t abort my child”!

“Shut up!
You’re just 16, how could you ruin your life like this
Me and your dad have big plans for you
But now, with a child….how”?

“Children, mum”.

Clara turned to face her daughter

“I’m having twins
A boy and a girl”.

“What’s going on here”?
Angela’s father strolled in

Angela wiped the tears from her eyes

Clara turned to stir the stew on fire
“Nothing, we were just having a mother to daughter conversation”.

“Bring Me my food,I’ll be upstairs”.
He started to climb the stairs
“Oh and Clara, We need to talk.

Clara’s eyes met her daughters’
“Which doctor did you go to?
You know we live in a small town”.

“I’m not stupid, mum
I went out of town”.
She looked down at her feet

Clara walked to her
“When did you plan all this and I didn’t know
When?! Did you plan to get pregnant too”?

It was a mistake, I swear”.
She started to sob

Clara looked at her, ready to pounce on her
She walked away.
“Serve your father’s food,
And you better hide that baby bump well”.

“Clara, you’re pregnant!
“You’re pregnant”!!!

Williams held his head in his hands
“I’ve sold my shares, sold the land that my father left for me
To send you to the best university
And you get pregnant”!!!

Angela had seen her dad in a rage several times
But this was was deadly

“I’ll beat that child out of you
What do you want people to say
That I couldn’t raise you well”.

He pulled out his belt

Clara ran out from where she had been listening
“Please! Williams, she’s carrying two babies,
Don’t hurt her”.

“Two babies!!
Two! He slammed a pot on the basin
How old are you?

“He turned to Clara, so you knew.
You both connived to bring me down, uh?
I’ll teach the both of you a lesson”.

He went inside and there was lot of noise
He was going to get his gun.

“Angela, get out of here if you want to survive

Mum, I don’t know where….

“Get out”!

Angela ran out

And didn’t come back
Clara looked everywhere for her
Called everyone but she couldn’t find her daughter
She died with that pain.

Mike never showed up, after getting Angela pregnant
She thought that it was her worst heartbreak until she returned.

She went ahead to knock on the door

“Mummy, where are we”?
Danielle tugged at Angela’s gown

“We’re at grandpa’s honey”.
Granpa? We’re spending Christmas at grandpa’s

Ohh, do we have a grandma too?
She closed her eyes, the children just keep getting more inquisitive
“No, Anthony grandma is in heaven”.

The pain of her mother’s death still stung
During the burial, her father paid no attention to her
Even after 3 years of not seeing eachother

Danielle and Anthony were seven
He’d at least want to see them now
She tried convincing herself as she knocked again

A woman half dressed answered the door

Angela stepped back and frowned

The woman smirked
“Who are you”?

I should be asking you that
This is my father’s house.

“Ohh, you’re willy’s little girl
Come in”.

Angela hated the idea of being welcomed by a stranger

She stood at the kitchen with her children
“Where’s my dad”?

I’ll go get him
Make yourself comfortable
She stenched of alcohol

Angela squeezed her hands
When she heard her father’s voice

“Go say hi to your Grandpa”.
She pushed her children forward
Hoping they’d pave the way for a great conversation

“Grandpa, Grandpa”!
Danielle ran to hug him and Anthony followed suit

Ignoring their hugg attempt
He folded his arms

“Hello, Granpa,

He looked up at Angela,
“Why are you here”?
It stung

“I just came home after seven years,
What’s wrong with that”.

She held her kids, walked past him,
and entered the guest room
She let out a deep breath as she shut the door
she’s become braver over the years

Williams walked back to his room
“Pack your things sabella”.


“I said pack your things!
He roared

The half naked woman started to pack her things hurriedly
“Is it because of your daughter or maybe she’s your mistress”.

Williams slapped her
“Get out!

She ran outside

It’s been one week since she got to the house
Williams kept avoiding his daughter

He’d come back late in the night drunk
But maintained his composure
So no one would know
Since Clara died he hadn’t been the same

“Dad, dad”.
Angela came rushing in
It was the first time he heard that word in seven years

“I just got word that Mike is in the hospital
I need to go and check him”.

His expression changed
“Are you talking about that rascal that got you pregnant!

“I’ll be back dad
Please take care of the kids”.

“Mum, where are you going?
It’s Christmas tomorrow”.

“I’ll be back soon, sweetie”.
She kissed her daughter
And dashed out of the house
That was the last time she saw her kids

Williams was getting late for his meeting
Three years and the guy decides to pay his money
After running off

He would take the kids
He went inside and told them to get dressed

They all got into the car
“Granpa, where are we going”?
Anthony asked

“To get my money”.
He grunted

His phone was ringing

No, I’m on my way
Don’t leave”!

He started to speed

Granpa, you’re going too fast

“Sit down! And use your seat belt”.

But Granpa…

William turned to the back and pulled the set belt
“Use it now!
He turned forward

Something was strange
People were making signs at him.

“Granpa, look!


And that was it
He heard a loud crash
Danielle was screaming
He couldn’t hear anything again

He was rushed to the hospital
Only a couple of bones were broken

“Where are my grandchildren”?
He kept asking the doctors
When they wouldn’t answer him he tried to struggle.
Till he was sedated

He woke the next day to a noise

“You killed them!
I know you were angry at me
But I didn’t think you’d harm them
You’re a murderer!
You killed your own grandchildren”.

Angela was screaming

He kept shaking his head
He couldn’t talk

The doctors came to carry her away
That was the last he saw of his daughter.

He kept mumbling “I’m sorry”, till he passed out.

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