Mother’s cross- Final Episode


Juliet finally joined them in the group hug

‘Where have you been? Sandra asked
Looking up at her sister

‘The police took me to their car and locked me in’


‘Yeah, I got tired of screaming and just decided to stay put
I’m just glad you’re alright’.
She pulled Sandra’s cheeks

‘Ouch! That hurts

Juliet looked around
‘Where’s mum?

‘She’s outside making some calls
Your dad demanded a release form’.
Chuka replied.

‘Omg! Dad and Michael

Uncle Chuka
‘What do you mean release form’?
Is he okay?

‘But your Mother is very worried that Amarachi might try
To harm them’.
She would have heard that Peter has been caught by now.

Sandra exhaled loudly
‘I just want this night to end’.

Seems like it’s just beginning darling
Lara said as she entered the room
‘Amarachi just extorted money from your dad

‘Ah! This is extreme
I’m so sorry Lara,
I didn’t know she was this bad.
Chuka stood up from the chair

‘Wait, where are you going?
Lara blocked the door

‘I’m going to look for Amarachi
I’m supposed to be responsible for her
I don’t know how she turned so bad.

‘You can’t go alone and
You actually need to rest’
The police are on the trail already
Let’s go back to the hospital,
Michael is awake

He is
Thank God
Juliet clasped her hands together

‘Juliet,  did you just say God?
I thought you didn’t believe in him’.

‘Yes mum..
Honestly we owe it all to God
Even after all of this, we are all still alive
There’s no denying it’.

Lara nodded at Chuka
‘I think all of this was for a reason’.

‘You’re right
Way too much coincidence in one day
Let’s get going to the hospital’.

Chuka held the door as they all finally exited Peter’s house
Leah sat looking into space as they all left.

‘Leah? Chuka called
Aren’t you coming?

She turned to him
‘I’m I allowed to?

‘Of course, you can’t stay here all by yourself’.
‘Lara, she can come with us right?

The poor girl would be scared all by herself’.


‘Dad, why are you pacing back and forth?

Micheal was seriously confused
James told him everything was alright, but he didn’t
Look like it.

James stood and stared at his son
He had belittled him
But he was stronger than he thought
He moved closer to him

‘Michael, you know I love you right?
I…he looked down, I’ve been pushing you so hard
Because I was bullied in Secondary school as well
Everyday because I had a small stature’.

‘And so I vowed to work hard
That’s why I have all those degrees
I hated to be belittled
I didn’t know I was doing the same to you’.

‘I….I am sorry’.

Michael could not even hide his shock
‘Dad, did you just say sorry?

James hugged his son,
For the first time since he was born

‘You’re strong enough Michael
You have nothing to prove to me’.

The door opened, and
Lara, Sandra, Juliet, Leah and
Chuka entered.

Mum? Micheal sat up.

‘Ohh, my darling, Lara ran to her son to hug him
Juliet and Sandra joined in the group hug

James stood up from the bed
‘What is she doing here?
He pointed at Leah.

Lara stood up
‘Relax James, a lot went down today
Sandra was almost raped by Peter’.

James expression changed

‘Where’s that….

‘Calm down, he’s been caught

He looked at Sandra
And his face softened
‘Are you okay? He reached for her hand

Sandra withdrew her hand

Juliet stood up
‘I’ve had it!
What is always wrong with you?
Why are you so resentful towards dad?
Is there something we don’t know?

James exhaled and sat by the bed
‘It’s along story
But it isn’t mine to tell’.
He looked at Leah

Who had been looking down all through

What does it have to do with Leah
Sandra asked
Leah?…were You?

‘No…no..Leah finally spoke up
Sandra your dad is not a bad person
‘I’m sorry I didn’t tell you
I’m sorry… but your dad tried to help me on several occasions’.

‘After my mum died, my Dad started to abuse me
She looked up and her face was hard
He’d hit me every morning and rape me every night!
He would bring other women to the house and do the same to them
One day he brought home aunt Amarachi’.

Sandra’s mouth opened  wide
She started to come frequently
‘I…I didn’t know she was a friend of your family’.

‘One day, he beat me, he beat me so much
I lost consciousness
After he realised it was for real
He brought me to this hospital
he told the doctor that I had an accident’.

The whole room was silent
Sandra tried to move closer to Leah
But she raised her hand for her to stop

He paid the off the doctor! To keep quiet
She started to sob

‘One day when I couldn’t take it anymore
I put a video recorder in his room,
so I could have an evidence against him’.

‘I dropped the recording at the door handle
Of your dad’s car
Hoping he would help me.
Obviously he watched the video
That was what you saw him watching Sandra
Your dad is not a pervert or a monster like mine’.

‘Your dad came to this hospital to get more evidence
But they covered up for him
I don’t how,  but my da…I mean Peter found out
And sent aunt Amarachi to steal the
The recording from your home’.

‘Then he threatened to kill you Sandra
If I tried to speak again’.

Lara’s heart skipped
She had always known there was something wrong
But nothing this horrible

‘I am so sorry, Leah
I never knew you were going through all of this’.

‘It’s okay Sandra
I am messed up, I know
I sometimes wake up and scream at night
I’ve heard about the after effect of all of this
Maybe I’ll be crazy soon
She started to cry again

Someone knocked on the door
The police came in

‘Barrister.James, the lady who exploited you
Has been caught’.

Oh thank God!
Lara hugged her daughters

‘Miss Leah, you have to come with us
For some interrogation’,

James stood up
‘I’m her lawyer, you talk to me’.

Sandra smiled.

James walked them out.
He turned at the door, and looked at his wife
‘I’ll be back darling
She nodded, smiling.


Juliet! Get the door.

“But mummy, you’re closer to the door, i’m down here in the kitc…

would you get that door! Don’t start with your attitude this night.

“I can’t wait to get out this house for good”, Juliet murmured, as she went to open the door.

Juliet opened the door ready to growl at whoever it was visiting at 10pm.

Muuuum! You need to come here.

Have I met you before? Juliet says to the man at the door, bending her head slightly to the right.
I must have..Yes, the night at….

What is it Juliet? I only asked that you get the door….Lara said as she moved toward the door and stopped short  soon as she saw who the stranger was.

Yes Officer, what is the problem? Already disgusted that they had disturbed her peace

“Madame we have a warrant of arrest…

Ah,Arrest? Her defensive mood changed. Who do you want to arrest?

“Your daughter’s friend was caught doing drugs
She was unconscious when we found her and all she kept saying was Juliet

‘Ah! Juliet, who is that your friend again?
Ehn you this children
Last month we almost….

‘What is happening here?
James came to the door
Who is under arrest?

‘Good…good evening sir.
No, nobody is under arrest sir, we just want
To ask her questions’.

‘Ahah! Officer you said under…

You dare to question
The code of conduct
Section 2, sub section 5!

‘No Sir, we’re sorry
we didn’t know that this is your house sir.

‘Common get out! Of my house
It’s late and we have service tomorrow.
He closed the door and locked it.

Lara and Juliet stood staring at each other
Juliet ran to face her dad
Dad, did you just say service?
Like church service?

He tried to hide his smile

‘Juliet, I have important things to do’.
He started to walk away

She blocked him again
‘C’mon dad, tell me were going..Pleeeaasee’.

He sighed
‘Yes, yes we are
Now, can I go.

Yes! Thanks dad


The pastor repeated his statement
‘So…If you have made that decision
To give your life to Christ and
Make him Lord over your life
Please come forward’.

Everyone in the church started to clap’.
They kept on clapping
As if waiting for something

2 men walked out
Another woman joined

As if she sensed his nervousness
Lara squeezed her husband’s arm
As he took what he calls today
The Best decision of his life.


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