Mother’s cross – episode 6


‘Peter….please, don’t do this’
Chuka begged
Don’t kill her, don’t.

‘Shut up! Shut up
I won’t go down like this’
Shit! He pressed the gun to her head

Lara was already in tears
Vibrating, as she watched her daughter
‘Pleaasee..Peter shoot me instead,
Leave my daughter’
She’s so innocent, please.

‘You tried to report me 2 years ago
But they couldn’t get me
You wanna know who got rid of the video
He faced Chuka
It’s that bitch, Amarachi

Chuka shook his head

Peter laughed
I bet you didn’t know she was that crazy.

The police had surrounded the house already
Then the DPO (divisional police officer) made an announcement with a megaphone

‘Peter, come out right now with your hands up
Or you will be fired!

Peter became nervous
‘You better tell them not to try it,
Or else, your daughter will die instantly!
He pushed the gun to her head

‘Okay, okay i’ll go and tell them, please just don’t shoot’.
Lara ran to the police in tears
‘Officer please stop the announcement’
Almost going on her knees
He’s going to shoot my daughter.

‘Madam, you have to calm down,
We know what we’re doing’.

‘Ah, please this man is Crazy,
He’s mentally sick’

Nobody seemed to be paying attention to her

One officer turned to her
‘Ma’am, you have to stay with us,
We can’t allow you to go back’.

‘Ehn?No, My daughter is still there!
With that psycho!

‘Sorry, but You may jeopardize our plans,
The DPO turned to one of the officers
‘Take her to the conveyor car’.

‘No wait, please, my baby!
She thought it was a joke
When the police man practically carried her
Perks of having a top lawyer as your husband

The DPO signaled to two officers
The first one went to the front of Peter’s door
The other officer then went to join him
But he didn’t just stand
He broke the door
And Peter panicked


‘Excuse me, Doctor Francis’.

Yes? He lowered his glasses

‘The patient in room 102 has been making trouble
He won’t stop asking of his wife and children’
Infact he removed the injection passed into his arm.

‘Give him the release form’
He wore his glasses properly
‘He is good to go.

‘But, Sir it is 10pm already sir
His condition….

‘I said release him!
This hospital is already in enough trouble,
Don’t you know who he is?
He could make things worse for us

‘Yes…Yes sir.

‘Sir, here’s your release form’.

James was really surprised
Who knew his stubbornness would be useful outside of court
He signed the papers and gave the nurse

‘Thank you very much.
She turned back, looking surprised.
‘what did you say sir’?

Thank you
Please what room is my son?
Room 207, sir

He sighed
At least he’s not in the theatre
He got up and started to walk to room 207.


Peter pulled the trigger
And everybody virtually stood still and shut their eyes

He pulled it again
But there was no sound
The gun was not loaded

The officers ran to him as soon as they realised
Pinning his head down to the ground
While they put handcuffs on him

Peter was raining all manner of curses
Shit! I know I loaded that freaking gun!

Sandra was already really weak
From all the Strangling
Chuka had to support her

For the first time since that morning,
He breathe a sign of relief

Peter was taken outside
As soon as Lara saw him she jumped out the car
She searched the faces of the officers
Nobody looked sad, that was a good sign
She started to walk at first
And when they didn’t hold her back, she ran to the house

Chuka was holding Sandra, when Lara got there

All they could do was hugg each other tearfully

Uncle Chuka…where’s Leah?
She looked around

I’m here,
Leah came from behind the sofa
I’m sorry, I really am
All I could do was unload the gun.

‘You did that?

Lara, I think we’ve all had enough for one night, chuka said.

She sighed, you’re right.
‘It’s okay, Leah.
It’s not your fault
Come here.

She came closer and Sandra drew her into the group hugg
‘It’s all over, Leah.

‘I think it’s only just begun,Chuka said
Amarachi is no where to be found
And I just got a text message that your husband
Demanded a release form.


‘Dad…where’s mum?
My head hurts’.
Michael tries to stand up

‘Shhhhh, don’t stress yourself
Don’t stand up’
You just had a surgery’.

‘Your mum is okay’.

Those were only words of faith
Her number was not going through
Nobody’s number was going through
Maybe they didn’t even know what had happened to them.

‘Dad..where’s uncle Chuka’?

Chuka? Where did you see him?

‘I remember seeing him here….
Before everything became blury’

His phone started to ring
It’s a miracle the phone survived in his pocket
He looked to see who it was

Why is she calling me?

‘Hello, ehm uncle
‘Please….I need your help urgently
I need 250,000 naira.
I….um…I got in an accident, yes
And the man that drove me is dying
Please he’s my close friend

Hold on, calm down
He won’t die
Should I transfer it to the bank?
Ehm….i’ll come and collect it

Collect it?
Do you think I carry a bank in my pocket

She hung up.

Hello Amarachi’.

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