Mother’s Cross- episode 5


She started to shake
He was as scary as Leah described
Unkept beards
Wicked looking eyes
‘How could this man be a father’?

‘What are you looking at!? he roared
He grabbed her arm
And started to drag her

‘Stop! You’re hurting me’

He dragged her inside his house
‘Leah! Leah! Come here
I have something for you’

Leah ran from her room
Afraid of getting another slap
‘I’m. .I am he…here’
The shock on Sandra’s face made Leah look away

‘Leah, did you plan this?
She wiped tears from her eyes

‘Arrrgh!I don’t want to see those tears,
They get me on edge!’
‘Leah you better warn your friend’
He flung Sandra on the floor

He goes to lock the door
‘I’ll be right back girls for the best part’
He gave that wicked laugh again

‘I can’t believe you did this, Leah
I thought that we’re friends,
Best friends’

Leah turned her face to the left
revealing the wounds that Peter had inflicted on her

Sandra mouth hanged open
‘..Omg…did your dad do that to you’?
‘Is that why you’ve been so afraid of him?’
‘How long has this been going on?
‘Why didn’t you tell me?
‘Is that why you called me?

‘I’m so sorry, Sandra
‘He forced me, he said he was going to…
She broke into tears

Sandra moved closer to her
‘He was going to do what?
‘Look at me, she lifts up her face

‘He said he was going to do to you,
What he has been doing to me’
She broke down again

‘Wait, what?
‘What has he been doing to you
‘Is there more than this?

They heard footsteps and adjusted
It was Peter

He grabbed Sandra
It’s your turn now beautiful
He grinned, having some sort of exitement on his face

‘Leave me alone! You this freak’

He slapped her…
Breathing heavily
He slapped her again
Leah screamed

Sandra became still

He turned to Leah
‘I assume you didn’t tell your friend
That I hate talkatives’

He gave that smile again
‘Don’t move from here
You hear me!

He dragged Sandra into his room
And made her sit on his bed

Sandra started to open her eyes
What she saw next was unbelievable


‘Drive faster!Chuka

‘I’m driving as fast as I can

‘Oh Lord, please save my daughter,
I know I have turned my back on you
But please save my baby’

Lara turned to face Chuka
‘It is amazing how situations will
drive you right back to God’

‘I know…I know what you mean’, Chuka answered

Her phone rings
It’s Juliet,

‘Mum? Where are you?
‘I’m at Leah’s house and I can see Leah
‘But I can’t see Sandra.
Mum…i’m really scared
I think something is going on here
Leah looks disturbed
Do you think I should knock?

‘No, no, Juliet stay right where you are
That man is Crazy
We are almost there’
Hello? Juliet!

‘Did she hang up?
‘Yes..Yes, Chuka She did
And I know Juliet she’ll do the opposite of what I said’

‘Don’t worry
The police are almost there
Let’s hope they won’t be too late’


Leah had been shivering since

Leah?Juliet called

Now she’s hearing her name?
‘I’m I finally going crazy
Who wouldn’t go crazy?
Uh…my best friend is going to
Be abused by my own father’
And I’m too stupid to do anything’
He was hitting her head again

And he would kill her
So he won’t return to jail
She started to pull her hair
‘Why wouldn’t I be hearing things?

Juliet knocked the window
The sound sent Leah jumping from where she sat

‘It’s me, Juliet,
Open the window

She looked around
And crawled to the window

As soon as she opened it
Juliet grabbed her cloth

‘Where’s my sister? Uh?

She…She’s inside…my dad has her

Juliet suddenly let go of her cloth
Why do you have wounds on your face?
Did he do that to you?
Is that what he’s going to do to my sister

‘Shit! Open the door!

Leah started to tremble again
‘Please don’t shout
He’ll hear you’.
‘He’s dangerous and…
He took the key’

‘What is he doing to my sister?
Uh? Answer me

Chuka drove in, just in time.
Juliet turned to see her mum and Chuka driving in.

Omg…Juliet what are you doing by the window
Barely letting the car to come to a halt.
Lara ran to grab her

‘Mum, Sandra is inside
Just look at Leah’
That’s what he’s going to do Sandra

‘We need to get inside’
Leah you need to get us the key now!
Lara was desperate

‘I can’t, he’s with it’

Chuka, what do I do?
Eheee! She puts her hands on her head
My baby…

‘See Lara you can’t break down now,
In front of your daughter’
I think there’s a rod in the car
I’ll break in through the window


Sandra couldn’t believe what she was seeing
There were roses and alcoholic drinks
Like a feast
Then there were chains
On the wall
The kind used to tie people
To torture them

This man is cynical

‘So you like it? Peter grinned
‘The beauty before the death’
‘The pamper before the torture’
He laughed
‘Now I’m a poet’.

Sandra’s eyes were hardened now
‘You’re a mad man,
You do this to your own daughter’?
‘You’re a monster’

‘Shut up! Shut up!
‘She’s not my daughter
Her mother was a slot
I just accepted her!

‘why the hell i’m I explaining that to you?
You’re just like Leah
You talk too much!
No pampering for you,
I don’t have that time’.

He pulled her towards the chains
Let me explain this to you
You will barely be able to breathe
after i’m through with you
He touched her face
So then I can enjoy every bit of it
Without you interfering.

‘All you this people that go abroad
And think you’re something’
I’ll reduce you to nothing!

He was tightening the rope around his hands
When he heard glass shattering
He looked at Sandra and his face hardened

‘Leah! He roared
As he opened the door out of anger
Forgetting to lock it

Chuka was already inside,
Peter came out, coming face to face with him.

‘Who the hell are you?!
The size of Peters muscles made Chuka to quiver

‘Please let Sandra go
It doesn’t have to be violent
Just let her go

‘Ha! You must be crazy
In this Lagos, nobody escapes from me!

Peter turned his head and squints his eyes
‘I know you, you’re that
Bitch’s cousin’
That Jesus boy!

Lara started to hit the window at this point
‘Let my daughter go, you this cynical man!

Peter looked to see Sandra’s mother and Juliet behind her
‘Ohh, the family is here.
Mumu people’.

‘We have called the Police’!

‘The police?
‘The Police couldn’t help you 2 years ago,
What makes you think they’ll help you now?
Stupid woman! He spits on the floor
Turning to get a gun

Chuka hit him on his head
With the rod, he was holding
Peter fell, groaning out of pain?

Sandra had been hiding by the corner
She ran out as soon as Peter fell

‘Uncle Chuka!
She ran to hug him

My baby! Lara couldn’t hug her daughter
Through the broken glass,
All she could do was hold her hand

‘Let’s get out of this place, before this man wakes up
Chuka said
‘Where are the keys?

Sandra looked around
‘Where is Leah?
Chuka looked around too
‘She must be hiding somewhere’

‘The keys are in the room,
I’ll go and get it’
Sandra left before they could stop her

These are the keys
She was walking past Peter when he grabbed her right leg
Sandra screamed.

Before Chuka could get the rod

Peter pointed a gun at Sandra
Strangling her with his arm

There was noise coming from outside
It was the police

‘Don’t think they’ll save you!
Before i’m arrested i’ll pull this trigger’.
Peter pressed the gun to her head.


I know some people will want to kill me with the way I ended this episode. You can tell me how you feel by commenting:):)
What do you think happened 2 years ago?
How come Oga Peter knows Sandra’s mum?

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