Mother’s cross- episode 4


‘It’s Aunt Amarachi’
‘Maybe she has news about dad and Michael’
Sandra said as she hurried towards the door

‘Hello girls!!
Amarachi hugged Sandra , looking past her as she scanned the house
‘Where is your sister’?

‘She’s in’
‘Where’s dad and mum’?
‘Did you hear of the accident’?
‘Sandra asked looking at her face as if searching for answers’

‘Oh darling, it was horrible’
‘I don’t know if your mum would come home this night’
‘She told me to watch you’

Juliet came out of the kitchen
Giving Her a very stern look
She’s never liked Amarachi

‘Juliet, i’m so sorry about…’

‘I know’
‘There’s no need to spell it out’
She started towards the living room

Amarachi followed her with her eyes
Scanning through her body
Like some savage

‘Oh this is good’
She said to herself.

‘Hmhn’…she clears her throat
‘Have you girls eaten yet?’
‘Your mum asked me to prepare food for you’
‘You could go down the street to buy eggs…’

‘No thanks’, Juliet said raising her eyelids
‘We can cook ourselves’

She was getting really restless
All she needs is for one of them to go out
Danku was outside, ready to grab any of them

‘I really need this money’
She gritted through her teeth

Then she remembered Peter
‘That traitor’
‘Heard he’s got good money now’.

‘Why is your face like that? Aunt Amarachi’

‘Uh? Ohh.,i’m just thinking about your poor brother’.
She stands up.
I’ll be right back
She walks into the kitchen

Sandra turns to Juliet
‘Why are you so mean to her?’

‘I feel like there’s something about her’
‘I just can’t point it out’

‘Again with all the superstitions’

‘Shut up’
‘And go pick up your phone, its ringing’, Juliet said

‘Ohh’,she dashed to her bag
‘It’s Leah’
‘That’s odd, she never calls me when her dad is home’

She picks the call
‘Hello? Leah?

‘Sandra, could you co..come over’?
Breathing heavily

‘What’s wrong’
‘Why do you sound so scared’?

‘I’m..i’m in trouble’
The phone hangs

‘What’s up? Juliet asks

‘I don’t know’
‘I think I need to go over’
‘She sounded really bad’

‘It’s too late’
‘It’s 8pm already’
‘She can deal with whatever it is tonight’
‘You can go see her tomorrow’

‘You’re not the boss of me’
‘Didn’t you hear me’
I said she sounds really bad
I’m leaving
She grabs her jacket

‘Wait, Sandra!
It’s dangerous at night
Juliet stands up

‘Maybe if you passed your driving test, it wouldn’t be so dangerous’! she slammed the door

‘So now it’s my fault’!
She walked towards the kitchen

Amarachi peeped from the kitchen
‘She’s coming…get ready’
She hangs up the phone

As soon as she turned from the window,
She meets Juliet standing by door
Looking ready to pounce on her

‘What did you just say?
‘Who were you informing about Sandra’s movement!!!

Very shaken and taken by surprise
She stutters
‘What do you mean’?

‘I heard your conversation’
‘You miserable bitch!
‘I know you’re a prostitute’
‘She moves closer to her and grabs a stick’

‘Call whoever you just called now,
to stay away from my sister
Or else I’ll call the police’

‘Wait…Juliet…it’s not like that,
‘It’s not like that at all’
She tries to look for something to hit Juliet with

Juliet uses the stick to burst the burglar alarm
‘I’m calling the police’
She runs to the living room

Amarachi runs out of the house
‘Crazy children’
She meets Danku’s car still outside
She hits the window

‘What the heck are you still doing here’?

Wetin?She no come out yet now

Oh shit!
She must have passed the other way
‘Let’s go! Let’s go now’!
That stupid girl is calling the police

He chuckles
Police for Naija?

Abeg kick the car
If you no wan make I give you slap…


Sandra knocks at Leah’s window
‘Leah open up.
It’s me’

Leah, just sat on the floor crying
‘I’m sorry, Sandra
I’m so sorry’

Hello there, a deep voice said

Sandra spun around
It was Leah’s dad

He gave a wicked smile,
‘It’s nice to finally meet you’
‘My name is Peter’,  Leah’s father


‘Chuka, they’re not picking my calls’
‘What is this?

‘Wait calm down’

Calm down?
Calm down!

Just,Try her no again
—-it’s ringing

Hello! Juliet! finally
‘Are you okay?
‘Where’s is Sandra’?

‘Mum! Where did you keep your phone?
‘I don’t know what Aunt Amarachi did,
But I think she set Sandra up’
‘I over heard her talking’

Ehhh….Chuka you have killed me

‘What did she say?
‘Give me the phone, I’ll talk to her’

‘Juliet?what exactly did you hear?

‘She was telling someone that Sandra was on her way,
I confronted her but she ran’


‘Wait, uncle Chuka, Sandra’s friend, Leah called her
‘That was where she wanted to go’

‘I’ll call Leah’
She hangs up


‘Did she hang up’?
‘Chuka what do I do’
‘She places her hands on her head’

‘Let’s call the Police first’
She mentioned a Leah girl

‘Yes, what about Leah’?

‘That was where she was supposed to go?’

Late this night???
To that crazy man’s house!
I told her to stay away from that girl! Ehhh!

Let’s just go there now, Chuka said.


Please comment, I really want to know what you guys think so far? *kisses*

7 thoughts on “Mother’s cross- episode 4

  1. Enchanting. Each line raising a suspense for the next. I also think it is as professional and realistic as it can ever be. 😉
    Adjusting the second to the last line may not be a bad idea.
    #I told her to *sty* away from that girl! Ehhh!#

    Liked by 1 person

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