#15 things you probably didn’t know about me


I know..I know…This is so cliché, but some people have been wondering who Noirwrites is,LOL. Well I am Noir and I write. Noir is french for black.
I might just tell the story behind that name, someday soon. So moving on those random facts…

#1. My name is Ayoyinka Anuoluwa Morawo..yep hard core Yoruba girl. For those who can’t pronounce Yoruba name like all my Europian, Jamaican,American readers, my English name is Debbie but nobody calls me that.

#2. I am the 5th child of 6 children…
Did somebody just gasp? LOL

#3. I am a shy person but nobody can really tell.

#4. I am a die hard fan of Taraji P.Henson. She’s phenomenal

#5. Omg guys, I can’t stand Cockroaches, when I discovered that they could fly, it was like horror on a new level.

#6. I prefer being alone to being around a lot of people, I don’t know, I just function better that way.

#7. I have a lot of role Models but top on my list is Bishop David Oyedepo. You can check Google if you don’t know him.

#8. I am misunderstood a lot, but that’s okay.

#9. I don’t like the tag ‘best friend ‘ . It only hurts more when they fail you. So I call ’em sisters, LOL, that way it is easier to forgive.

#10. I am a Christian and I don’t mean religion, it is beyond that.

#11. I think that from I was little girl up to now, I’ve read more than 200 books aside from academic stuff. P.S i loooveee any Francine Rivers’ book

#12. There are only two things that can make me cry. Disappointing my family (God forbid) and seeing little children suffer .

#13. I am an athlete…yess:) your girl got some Medals back in High school,lol

#14. I am EBONY. Yass guys darkskin, and would not trade it for anything.

#15. One time I had to jump over my house fence because my younger brother was alone in the house and he didn’t answer the bell…I got so scared I suddenly had superpowers

I like to think I’m Unique but don’t we all…oops! That makes 16 facts… :):)


Couldn’t find a better picture, 🙂
So that’s it everyone. Did you get any surprises??? Please let me know by commenting below. Have a great week!

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