Mother’s Cross – episode 3


‘I’m tired of this game’,
Sandra said as she dropped her last truth card.

‘Waiiitt, okay I have one more question’,
Leah said betting her eyelids.

She rolled her eyes at her best friend,
‘Fine, just one question,

I have to get home before 5pm’,
she said as she pulled out a pillow to support her head

Leah grinned mischievously,
‘Sooo what is the deal with you and your dad’?

I mean you rarely talk to him or talk about him.

Sandra’s mood dropped as soon as she popped the question.
She got up from the bed and picked up her bag
Obviously disgusted at the question

‘Wait, Sandra where are you going’?
I didn’t mean to annoy you,  she said looking remorse

Well you have!

Leah was about to apologise when she heard the sound of her dad’s car.
Leah looked at Sandra
Both of them started to shake almost immediately.

‘I’ll hide under your bed Leah’.

‘No, no he might find you’.

You have to leave through the window, hurry, hurry! be fast.


‘Kike let’s leave, it’s getting late’. Juliet was waving at her face trying to get her attention

She finally turned

‘It’s only just 7 o’clock, what’s your problem now’?
Obviously annoyed, kike pulls her outside

‘Didn’t you see the people that sat beside me’
Why are you trying to embarrass me?

‘What do you mean embarrass you’?
‘I just want to leave,  my parents can be very protective and you know’

‘Okay,Let’s chill for 30 minutes more,
Just 30 minutes, hmm’?
She grabs her hand, pulling her toward the club
‘Come there’s someone I want you to meet’

Juliet withdraws her hand
‘You know what, I don’t feel so good about this’

‘Why are you so superstitious? Kike turned to face her

‘No really, I just feel like something is wrong
I’m going home’

Kike finally let go of her hand, and turned to fully face her

‘I’ve always known you were a coward
You’re just fake
You pretend like you’re bad ass and you know how it’s done
But you’re just a baby!

Juliet did not expect the reaction at all
‘Wait, just because I said I wasn’t going to stay’

That’s your business, as for me I am going in.

Juliet stood there gazing at the entrance for sometime,
before she finally decided to leave

‘I am not a Coward’…I am definitely not a Coward she said to herself as she walked by the street to get a cab

‘So this girl is actually going’, Kike was peeping from a window trying to see Juliet

She finally got a cab and got in,
‘Pay your money o’, the driver said

but Juliet had already plugged her earphones in her ears.

‘Madam, you no pay your money’, the taxi driver said

But she couldn’t hear as she had bent her head, leaning on the seat in front, since the journey started

‘Oga, please help me tap her to give me my money’, the driver asked the man beside her

‘Sorry’, he tapped her

‘Yes? Looking irritated
The driver is asking for his money

‘Oh, thank you’, feeling stupid
She hands the driver the money

‘Why traffic dey here naw’?
The woman in front said

‘Ah, one accident happen for this place’

‘Ehen, ah eeyah’
This must have been the accident that
happened in the morning
Juliet thought as she tried to catch
a glimpse of the vehicles involved

At first Juliet thought it could never be
‘Wait driver, please slow down’

‘Slow down for what’
‘Ah, sista you no say you go commot here now’?

Isn’t that Daddy’s car?

Oh my God, that’s my Dad’s car!

She didn’t realise she was already raising her voice

‘Na your papa car?, ehh sorry sista’
‘Make you call your family dem’

She picked up her phone and started to dial her mum
—-No answer.
This can’t be real

‘Driver please you can go on’

She barely sat still till they got to the bus stop
As soon as the taxi stopped, she got down
and started to run as fast as she could into their estate


Where is everybody’?
Sandra dropped her bag on the sofa and exhaled

Thank God Leah’s dad did not see me
That man  is just too scary

“I wonder what he has been doing to Leah to make her so afraid’.

‘Sandra is that you’?
It was Juliet’s voice

‘yeah, where’s mum and everybody?

Juliet walked out of the kitchen
Wiping her blood shot face

She stepped back, have you been crying’?

‘Dad and Michael were involved in an accident
The truck crushed the passenger side where Michael sat
She broke into tears..

‘What? Juliet don’t play with me’
‘Did you squeeze onion on your face again to make yourself cry’

‘This isn’t a Joke! Juliet hit the table with her hand
‘I’ve called mum and she isn’t picking up

I know you don’t care about dad but at least’…

‘Don’t say that? I care about dad!
Sandra said as tears dropped down her cheeks

‘So why do you act like you hate him so much,  what did he ever do to you’.

Shut up! You don’t understand anything.

The door bell rings
‘Heloo! Girls it’s Aunt Amarachi.
Come and open the door’


‘Mrs. Williams’?

Yes? Lara came wide awake as soon as she heard her name.
It was the surgeon

‘The surgery was successful’
‘I must tell you he was very lucky’

‘Uhhh…she exhaled ohhh.
She goes on her knees
Thank you God’

‘Your husband is awake as well,
He is fine, Just a fractured hand’.

She looked at Chuka and then at the Surgoen
‘Can I see them’?
‘Yes, yes you can, your son may not be able to communicate for now
But we assure you that he is stable’.

‘Thank you so much’

‘Okay, this way please’,
he said as he lead her to the ward

She suddenly stopped short on the way
‘Ehm, please I need to check on my girls’

‘I’ll be there in a minute she said to the doctor.
He nodded and went on

She searched for her phone, it was then that she realised she had left it in her car.

‘Chuka please let me borrow your phone,
I asked Amarachi to help me watch the girls
And to make sure they don’t know what’s happening’

‘Wait, which Amarachi?
‘My cousin, Amarachi ‘?

‘Yes? Why do you have that expression”?

‘he puts his right hand on his head,
See, Amarachi is…he looks down
Yes? Talk Chuka, are my girls in danger?

‘Well,  She’s into the body business’

‘What does that mean now? Chuka talk’

‘She is a prostitute’
And I once heard she gets girls for those men
And collects a huge payment for it

Lara’s eyeballs grew wider

Did you get any surprises?
What do you think the newly introduced Amarachi would do?
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