Mother’s Cross – episode 2


Hello? Hello!
Her voice was vibrating as much as her hands.
Where are they!?

She slammed the phone and dashed to get her car keys

She got to the garage only to realise she had taken the wrong keys

“oh God..,oh God, where are my keys?”..she remembered placing it on the kitchen table.

She ran to the kitchen, snatching the keys off the table, as she ran straight to her car again. She eventually pulled out the car.

After some time, she decided to call someone.
She called their family friend, Chuka.

Chuka would know what to do

He wasn’t picking up, “damn it, chuka pick up!”she dialed him again.

The cars in front of her were slowing down now, and she began bursting her horns

She popped out her head to see what was going on, before she realised she had reached the accident scene

Her body became weak as she spotted James’ car, her phone had fallen from her hands.

The truck had crushed the passenger side totally.

“Michael, Michael, my baby sat there, Oh God” . She got out of her car.

“Where’s my son? Where my son Michael?”
She ran to the car
People who recognized that she must be a relative, tried to calm her down

“They’ve been taken to st. Patrick hospital” , one woman said


Chuka had endlessly tried to call Lara.
He’d sent what seemed like hundreds of voice mail

He had been in the hospital for some time now and the doctors said they needed a relative to make a decision for Michael.

It would determine whether he would live or die

Finally Chucka had to make the Decision, he was even asked to put down his signature.

James had totally shut him out of his life months ago but he never stopped trying to reach out to the family.

“Lord, you said that he shall not die! He cannot die”.
Chuka was drawing a lot of attention to himself because he was practically shouting

His eyes were tightly shut, as he was pacing in Just two steps.

“Chuka, Chuka Lara ran to him as she spotted him at the reception

“Chuka, her voice breaking where’s Michael?”
Where’s my son?

He’s in the theatre now
Lara broke down

‘Ah, Chuka
I’m in trouble’.

What about my husband ? Where’s James

He’s stable for now
Calm down
Let’s just pray…


Juliet, you ready?
You know I am.

“I don’t know what mum was thinking, enrolling me in this Make up class”. I can actually do better make up than that lady.

“Hmm, na you know o”

“I’ve told you to stop speaking that Niggro English”, Juliet replied

‘Shut up’


Are you sure ‘Obalende’ is the right bus to enter? Juliet asked

Yes I’m sure, hello? I was born in lagos.

Juliet rolled her eyes, Let’s just get to the party and get back.

Kike adjusted her top, I heard all this Rich Lagos guys will be there…whoop!

So? Juliet said squirming her face at her.
Are you poor?

Tsheew, Kike hissed. You’re really annoying

‘Obalende! Obalende’. A bus finally arrived

“Juliet, let’s enter this bus fast before we sleep on this road”.

‘100 naira Obalende, no Change o’, the Conductor sang his anthem
They both entered and sat at the middle chair

Juliet passed her own share of the transport fare to kike

After some time she pulled out her Novel, to deliver her from the Penetrating look of the guy beside her.

She had heard of Lagos buses and how your things magically dissappear, so she held her bag tightly in between her laps.

Kike was busy chatting on her phone

After some time
She noticed the bus was coming gradually to a halt.

Juliet looked up trying to see what was wrong
This was definitely not Obalende
There was a traffic Jam right ahead.

Everybody started to complain almost at the same time

“I thought the road, free now
Ah, mtcheeeew”, one woman with a baby said.

“It was o, an accident happened here”.

“Yes, a truck and car”
“Hmm, God help all this peepu ehn”.

Juliet buried her head back into her novel not looking up, till they passed by the accident scene.

Kike however, like the Amebo that she is was trying to see what had happened.

She noticed that the car looked like the one that used to drop Juliet off in Secondary school.

‘Hnhn’, it can’t be, she shook her head and discarded the thought, picking up her phone again.

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