Mother’s Cross – episode 1


“Michael! Let’s go! You are going to be late ” . James said as he jogged down the stairs.

His son was just not good at any sport, nothing not even ordinary tennis. He would force him till he got a hang of something.

I told lara that we shouldn’t have given this children English names, he mumbles to himself and looks up the stairs ready to scream at his son again.

“But, daddy I don’t want to play football”.

Will you get down now! There’s nothing you ever want to do.

Lara, can you hear the rubbish that your child is saying.This boy should have been a girl, my only son is Timid.

Lara turned a crumpled face to her husband

‘Stop calling him timid James, you’re hurting him.’

‘Hurting?’ You’re part of the reason he acts like a girl.
He walks away from her, grabs his keys and yells ‘Micheal’ again before he leaves the house for his garage.

James had started to reverse his car when Michael finally came out.
Hanging his head down to avoid his father’s threatening gaze.


God…Jesus Somebody up there
Please help my family, lara was talking to herself again.
Since they moved from the UK to Nigeria away from her parents
James wouldn’t even hear the word Church

Her oldest daughter was getting out of control…Sandra keeps to herself and shuts her room door at every slight chance. There was no communication, just a lot of yelling.

So lost in thought she didn’t realise she had finished chopping the onions, until she cut her self.

‘Awww!’ She licked her finger almost immediately and put on the tap, flinching as the water touched it.
She scoffed remembering how her dad had effortlessly tried to stop her bad habit of licking her finger when she got hurt in the kitchen.

She grabbed the napkin and headed for the living room
Today was her work free day after all
Some TV wouldn’t be bad.


James could not take being ignored as Michael had been facing the window since they left home.

He broke the silence
Michael, all I am saying is that you should man up

‘That’s exactly the problem’, Michael replied.
You don’t even understand what I am going through.
He finally turned his face to his dad.

‘I am bullied everyday, everybody laughs at me because of my height and my accent’

‘What? What do you mean you’re bullied?
James had turned his attention from the road now facing his son.

You never told me this, since when has this been happening?

Micheal was about to reply when James noticed that the truck that had been bursting it’s horns was heading their way from the right side of a Tee junction.

He had thought the truck was far away because his car windows were shut

He attempted to accelerate further but the truck was way to close. He swerved sharply to the left cupping his son with his right hand.

The last images he saw was his hand cupping his son, he heard his son screaming and

A lot of noise, no pain…


The phone rang again
This time Lara sloppily walked to the phone
‘Hello Mrs. Williams’

‘Yes, Who is this’, suddenly alert at the urgency in the voice

Your husband and Son have been involved in an accident…

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