Mother’s Cross – Pre-episode


“Michael! Let’s go! You are going to be late ” . James said as he jogged down the stairs.

His son was just not good at any sport, nothing not even ordinary tennis. He would force him till he got a hang of something.

I told lara that we shouldn’t have given this children English names, he mumbles to himself and looks up the stairs ready to scream at his son again.

“But, daddy I don’t want to play football”.

Will you get down now! There’s nothing you ever want to do.

Lara, can you hear the rubbish that your child is saying.This boy should have been a girl, my only son is Timid.


I’m tired of this game, Sandra said as she dropped her last truth card.
Common, okay I have one more question,Leah said betting her eyelids.

She rolled her eyes at her best friend, okay what’s the question she said as she pulled out a pillow to support her head.

Leah grinned mischievously,So what is the deal with you and your dad? I mean you rarely talk to him or talk about him.

Sandra’s mood dropped as soon as she popped the question. She got up from the bed and picked up her bag disgusted that Leah would ask such a question.

Leah was about to apologise when she heard the sound of her dad’s car. Both of the them started to shake almost immediately. I’ll hide under your bed Leah. No, no he might find you. You have to leave through the window, hurry be fast.

Juliet! Get the door.

“But mummy, you’re closer to the door, i’m down here in the kitc…

would you get that door! Don’t start with your attitude this night.

“I can’t wait to get out this house for good”, Juliet murmured, as she went to open the door.

Juliet opened the door ready to growl at whoever it was visiting at 10pm.

Muuuum! You need to come here.

Have I met you before? Juliet says to the man at the door, bending her head slightly to the right.
I must have..Yes, the night at….

What is it Juliet? I only asked that you get the door….Lara said as she moved toward the door and stopped short  soon as she saw who the stranger was.

Yes Officer, what is the problem? Already disgusted that they had disturbed her peace

“Madame we have a warrant of arrest…

Ah,Arrest? Her defensive mood changed. Who do you want to arrest?



So what do you guys think is happening here?
Why is Sandra’s relationship with her dad so bad?
Who is getting arrested? And for what reason..
First Episode coming up Tomorrow, maybe we would find out, maybe🙊🙊🙊

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