Sometimes I want it to be dark forever
Because it hides my flaws
That’s when I feel free
Like a bird
I move where the wind takes me

But when it is finally morning
I run into my hiding place
Of a big shirt and baggy trousers
My long hair to cover my face
For fear of being seen
By the critics everywhere

on this day
I decided to peep
To feel the light shine on my scars
With all the boldness I could gather
I walked out with my eyes closed
Refusing to see all of them

I felt like the walking dead
But my stubborn heart wouldn’t budge
I opened an eye
And all I saw was myself
I opened the other
I was all alone

The critics were gone
They existed
But they were dead to me
I must have blotted them out
And erased all their comments  

Yours could be something else but In the midst of all the insecurities, let’s be brave.                                                                 

3 thoughts on “Insecurities

  1. I was thirsty for some good writing today when I stumbled on a screenshot of this on Tolu’s IG page and I must say you quenched that thirst. I love your writing…


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