Daddy’s little girl -1


“Daddy Daddy!!! I got the first position!

I don’t need anyone to tell this story to me..because as little as I was back then,  I remember the look on my dad’s face. I lived for that “look” . “That’s my girl! My dad said as he swept me off the floor and into his arms. ” I told you, you could do it, now you aren’t the second position again.

I grinned wildly at him.
My mum just stood in front of the kitchen shaking her head at us. My family was a happy one, i was an only child for some time.

my little brother came along a little late.
I remember when my mum had him and carried him for the first time into our house. I recall being very upset…But I grew to be very protective of him.

The relationship between my dad and I was extraordinary , when I was in my fourth year in primary school. We were asked to write an essay on the topic “My best friend”. I didn’t even think twice, I wrote about daddy, because he was indeed my best friend. Everybody laughed at me when I read my essay out loud,  I didn’t even care.

Don’t get me wrong, I had the best mother in the whole world. She was loving and kind. Almost too kind, one time she gave out half of the food stuff in the house to complete strangers who claimed to be poor and hungry. When in the actual fact they were  only taking advantage of her.  She still found a way to defend their actions somehow. I was just closer to my dad

I remember Mum being so sick one time when I was around twelve years and we had to sleep in the hospital for days. My dad had to be a mother, a father,an husband and still a manager all at the same time.

He never wavered. We never missed school and even when the doctors said that she was dying he’d still pay attention to our homework and scold us if we didn’t do it.
Every night we would all gather round the hospital bed and read the bible to her. We would then pray and go to sleep. We did this repeatedly for weeks.

One night she started to scream that she wanted to leave, she screamed and screamed for an hour. Scratching anyone that came close to her.

My dad finally agreed and with her witty hands she signed the papers for her release. As she was being wheeled out of the hospital room, I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. This could be the end.

After two days in the house, her situation deteriorated and she started dying slowly. All we could do was watch and pray. The only thing she’d do from time to time was nod as if to agree with her present condition

After dinner one night, as I about climbing into my bed, I heard sobbing in the kitchen, as I walked back to the kitchen, the sobbing  grew louder . I walked there expecting to see my brother but I was beyond shocked to see my dad crying…He was on his knees weeping.

And that was where I lost it…I’d never seen my dad cry. He was my hero and our backbone. I was so hurt that I broke into tears too. It may sound crazy but we cried together, all night. He didn’t even hold back.

The next morning was the first time my mum spoke in weeks. I was there with her alone and I ran to tell my dad and brother. I remember tripping twice before I got to where they were.
Mum finally started to gain consciousness…she agreed to have a nurse come to constantly check up on her and make sure she used her medication. After 2months of this miracle, she was back on her feet again.

My family was finally getting back to normal or so I thought.

We had just finished the mid terms in school and the school closed early on that day…my younger brother was in a different school and he was already on holiday. So I decided to walk home alone that day since the school wasn’t so far from the house.

Entering the house, I noticed that dad’s car was in, it was so strange for him to be home in the afternoon. So i sneaked into the house thinking I’d be able to give him a fright but he wasn’t in the living room, I assumed he’d be in his room I mentally  grinned to myself, feeling like I’d actually scare him this time.

So I barged into the room and made the most scary face I could think of. What I saw cannot be explained, at first I was so certain I was dreaming. My father… was in bed with another woman. He pushed me out and locked the door, and the woman shouted some curse words at me.

I don’t know how long I stood there but it was long…then I started crying,I went into my room and locked the door. This couldn’t be real, it’s mommy, that woman was mommy.

I cried myself to sleep that night, my mum came back home, late in the night…her voice woke me up from the nightmare I was having. …I thought it was a nightmare it happened to be real. My dad was having an affair.

The things that i saw in movies was happening in my life…

Daddy’s little girl -2  would be posted shortly, please  dont forget to leave your comments and thoughts.

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