In a world where I have limitations

Frustration is inevitable

Where some kind of authority

Tell me what to do and what not to do

Where some kinds of images are bad

And some preferred above others

Where having a strong connection

To the world beyond makes you a celebrity

In a world where my communication

Was cut short

Feeling so disconnected from the outside world

Destabilization and disorientation

Became the ‘norm’ for me

…still trying to stand on my feet

I was told my feet wasn’t strong enough to stand

So I was made to sit down and watch

Watch the ones who were under this authority before me

I had to watch them stand and even fly sometimes

….but for me, my wings were cut off

They said i had to grow new ones

For the old ones were corrupt

And was no match for the winds that blew in this strange land

Days went by….even weeks

But I still wasn’t growing my wings

Dejected and frustrated I looked around

To see if I was alone

I wasn’t

We were many that looked like zombies

Programmed like a robot

To be in-tune with this strange world

Many fell and couldn’t go on

But zombie or not…I began to learn

That I wanted to run and fly

But I hadn’t even learnt to sit right

I was taught to sit up straight

So that when the winds came

I wouldn’t be swept away

I was taught to look straight

Not turning back for anything

But to also carry with me

The ones we came together

YES, we are still sitting

But notwithstanding, we are sitting right and ready

So that when it’s time to run and fly

We will be fully ready

Not with worn out feet

Nor with old and corrupted wings

But with a newly generated spirit

It is the 30th of October

The day we’d be recognized as citizens

Finally the anticipated words were heard

on your marks….. get set



(This piece is dedicated to teenagers, youths and even adults, being under authority doesn’t necessarily mean bondage, it means discipline and training to be a better person after all that is what we strive for)

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