Hi,i’m Ayoyinka,the writer of this blog. This is my first post and i’m really excited. Nothing and no one exists without God,so i’m grateful to God for the life given to me and the opportunity to begin this blog. I also want to appreciate my family,you’ll meet them soon enough,somewhere in my stories,you’ll find them there.And my friends Tosin,Gbemi,christabel,wuraola,bunmi and of course Tiwatide. Thanks for your love and support.


Sometimes in life,we have to learn on our own,make our own mistakes,till the odds of it happening again is totally stripped. Just last week,Thursday precisely ,i was on my way to lekki to see a friend. Now all the times i have been to lekki before Thursday,i never went on my own. Either my sister or my uncle or an aunt would drive me,so i had little knowledge of how to get there on my own. I decided to check the map,convinced that i could get there without any trouble,i dressed and got out of the house. The garage was so rowdy,trying to figure out the next bus was almost impossible.

Finally i got in, “oshodi! oshodi!” the conductor was practically screaming. So we got to the next bus stop,trying not to look lost or sheepish i got into the next bus confidently going to cms. The journey to cms was smooth until the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere(at least it was ‘nowhere’ to me). The passengers didn’t make the situation better,they started to scream at the driver,some got down from the bus and started walking away.”Where do i walk to”? Who do i even know”? I thought to myself. I had to swallow my pride,i just had to talk to someone,holding my bag very tight, I had to ask for direction to the next bus stop to ajah,the funny part of this story was that even when i was asking for directions i still tried to look very confident like i knew exactly where i was going. So,i got a nice man to give me directions.

After entering the bus,i noticed some people coming down from the bus,i couldn’t understand why and since people were still in the bus i didn’t bother. Not up 15 minutes into the journey,the driver was stopped by LASTMA . Apparently this man did not have driver’s licence and the documents to his bus had expired. So we were all asked to come down,i’m sure you’re trying to imagine how angry i was. A journey of one hour was becoming 2 hours.Just when i was going to lose hope an ‘heaven sent‘ bus arrived and we all got in,luckily the bus was empty. Remember we hadn’t even reached half of the journey so we had every right to collect most part if not all of our money back. If it were up to me i would probably not have the guts to ask for the money. But lagos people can be very strict,the conductor had to pay our fares to the next driver.

Going back home wasn’t as hard,my aunt picked me up. So i started explaining the day’s drama to her,i didn’t even finish before she started laughing. What was funny,right? I went through all that trouble,taking one bus to another. When i could have just taken one bus from a nearby bus stop and i could have gotten to my destination in no time at all. To be sincere at that moment i felt sheepish. I decided to keep the remaining part of the story to myself. My lesson learnt,google doesn’t gain experience humans do. If i asked for directions from my aunt,or even someone at the first bus stop,there would have been less stress and less trouble for me. Not to talk of the fact that i almost got lost.

When you’re confused or unsure don’t be too proud to ask questions,trust me it’ll save you a lot of trouble. Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I am so happy to read this… I will prprobably comment on all your posts later… I think this is great for a start. I am very lazy at story writing so I love and appreciate it when I see people have the courage and energy to pick up their pen to write something. The part I love the most is when the story is very relatable, it makes it easier for the reader to imimagine. Well done. Kudos… For improvement, I’ll advice that you should read more books relating to the types of stories you wish to write on. It will help a lot in the sentences and the plot structuring. I am so proud of you.

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